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Why we regulate
Learn what types of wastewater discharges are regulated and how.
Plan review
The DNR reviews plans for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant construction.
Discharge permits
Wastewater discharges to surface or groundwater.
Contact information
David Argall
Form completion and submission
Fred Hegeman, P.E.
Residuals Coordinator
Septage/Sludge Questions
Bob Liska

Help with monitoring report forms via the Web Application

The following instructions are intended to assist individuals who complete the monitoring forms for facilities regulated under the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) program. Electronic reporting is required for the Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs), Groundwater monitoring, Pretreatment, Sludge/Waste Characteristics reporting (3400-049), Other Methods of Disposal or Distribution reporting (3400-052), and Annual Land Application reporting (3400-055).

Note: Electronic monitoring forms are not available for General Permits except for Land Application General Permits.

The instructions to use the electronic forms are below. For help with obtaining access to the Web application, please refer to DNR Switchboard.

Form Type Link to Instructions or additional forms
Groundwater Monitoring form: Any groundwater monitoring requirement in your WPDES permit will be listed on the Groundwater Monitoring form. [PDF, 32KB]
Monthly Discharge Monitoring Report forms (Long Forms): Any wastewater monitoring requirement in your WPDES permit with a sample frequency of monthly (or more frequent) will be listed on the monthly long e-DMR. [PDF, 40KB]
Quarterly/semi-annual/annual Discharge Monitoring Report forms (Short Forms): Any wastewater monitoring requirement in your WPDES permit with a sample frequency less frequent than monthly will be listed on a short eDMR. [PDF, 38KB]

Parameters requiring LOD/LOQ Values

[PDF, 822KB]
Sludge/Waste Characteristics Report form(form 3400-49): [PDF, 1MB]
Other Methods of Disposal or Distribution Report (3400-52): This report is required to be submitted by January 31 each year after any of the following has occurred:
  • Biosolids hauled to another facility for further treatment or storage
  • Biosolids which are land filled
  • Biosolids which are incinerated
  • Biosolids which are designated as Exceptional Quality (EQ) and are distributed, given away, or land applied
[PDF, 759KB]

Land Application Site Request (3400-53): This form is to be submitted for any land application sites you wish to have approved. Instructions are included on the form.

[PDF, 34KB]

Agricultural Site Worksheet (Application Rate Calculations) (3400-54): This form can be used to determine appropriate application rates dependent upon biosolids nitrogen and solids characteristics, past site use, other fertilizer additions, and crop needs.

[PDF, 28KB]
Annual Land Application Report (3400-55): This report is due by January 31 following each year in which biosolids are land applied. [PDF, 890KB]

Land Application Records Worksheet (3400-56): This form may be used to determine actual loadings of biosolids, nitrogen, and metals to each land application site. This form can be used to gather information to report on the 55 form and for other permit required recordkeeping.

[PDF, 18KB]
Pretreatment form: This semiannual report is due every July 15 and January 15 from DNR-regulated industries for wastewater discharged to sanitary sewers. [PDF, 32KB]

Help with monitoring report forms via XML Schema:

The web based process for submittal of electronic forms uses XML files to exchange data between facilities and the DNR. These files are validated using various XML schema. Facilities may validate their XML submissions before uploading using the corresponding XML schema located in the XML Definition file [Zip file, 20KB, updated 01/16/2014]. Note that these schema are subject to change.

Last revised: Thursday April 28 2016