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Wisconsin Remediation and Redevelopment Database (WRRD)

The Wisconsin Remediation and Redevelopment Database (WRRD) (formerly called the Contaminated Lands Environmental Action Network, or CLEAN) is an inter-linked system providing information on different contaminated land activities in Wisconsin, to assist with the investigation, cleanup and eventual re-use of those lands.

There are two main ways to view information about contaminated land activities.

  1. BRRTS on the Web - on-line database
  2. RR Sites Map - web-based mapping system
BRRTS on the Web RR Sites Map

BRRTS On The Web (BOTW) is a comprehensive online database that provides information on contaminated properties and other activities in Wisconsin. Updated daily.

You can view a graphic display for much of the information on BOTW via the RR Sites Map.

RR Sites Map is a web-based mapping system that allows a user to view different layers of contamination data using a Geographic Information System (GIS) tool. Updated on a regular basis.

You can view the data associated with sites found on RR Sites Map via BOTW.

Use either system to find the following information.

  • Cleanups still underway
  • Cleanups that are completed
  • Financial assistance (e.g., DNR loans and grants)
  • Liability incentives (e.g., liability clarifications and limitations)
  • Other redevelopment information (i.e., brownfields)
  • Continuing obligations (other states/agencies use terms such as "institutional control" or "land use control")
  • Documents submitted for cleanups that are completed with residual contamination
  • Documents submitted for cleanups that are completed with continuing obligations

Use BOTW if you want to find:

  • emergency spills (these are not on RR Sites Map);
  • sites where DNR has determined no cleanup action is required (these sites are not on RR Sites Map); and
  • properties identified by street address.
Last revised: Monday March 16 2020