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For information on cleanup rules and laws, contact:
Judy Fassbender
Remediation & Redevelopment Program

Wisconsin cleanup rules and laws

Wisconsin statutes and administrative code govern the investigation and cleanup actions that are required after a discharge of a hazardous substance occurs or is discovered. In general, a person responsible for a discharge is required to report, investigate and clean up the contamination. The person responsible is defined by law as one who "causes," "possesses" or "controls" the contamination (e.g., owns property with a contaminant discharge or owns a container that has ruptured). These general requirements are established in ch. 292, Wis. Stats. [PDF exit DNR] and chs. NR 700 to 754, Wis. Adm. Code [exit DNR].

Official copies of Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Codes may be purchased from the Office for Document Sales at 608-266-3358 or 800-362-7253 (for Visa/MC orders only).

NR 700-754 rule changes

As part of a continuing effort to ensure efficient and effective guidance and standards for the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites in Wisconsin, the DNR is working with key public and industry stakeholders, state agencies, the State Legislature, the governor and the general public to update portions of chs. NR 700-754, Wis. Adm. Code. Learn more about the rule updates.

State statutes

State statutes

The following state statutes relate to remediation and redevelopment of contamination.

Wisconsin Statute
[PDF exit DNR]
Chapter Title
ch. 292 Remedial Action (the "Spills" Law)
ch. 280 Well Drilling, Heat Exchange, and Pump Installing
ch. 281 Water and Sewage
ch. 283 Pollution Discharge Elimination
ch. 285 Air Pollution
ch. 287 Solid Waste Reduction, Recovery and Recycling
ch. 289 Solid Waste Facilities
ch. 291 Hazardous Waste Management
ch. 293 Nonferrous Metallic Mining
ch. 295 Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation; Oil and Gas; Ferrous Metallic Mining
ch. 299 General Environmental Provisions

NR 700

NR 700 rule series

The NR 700 Administrative Rules [PDF] govern the investigation and remediation of environmental contamination.

Wis. Admin. Code
[PDF exit DNR]
Chapter Title
ch. NR 700 [PDF] General Requirements
ch. NR 702 [PDF] Contingency Planning For Hazardous Substance Discharge Response By State Agencies
ch. NR 704 [PDF] Contingency Planning For Abandoned Container Response
ch. NR 706 [PDF] Hazardous Substance Discharge Notification And Source Confirmation Requirements
ch. NR 708 [PDF] Immediate And Interim Actions
ch. NR 712 [PDF] Personnel Qualifications For Conducting Environmental Response Actions
ch. NR 714 [PDF] Public Participation and Notification
ch. NR 716 [PDF] Site Investigations
ch. NR 718 [PDF] Management Of Contaminated Soil Or Solid Wastes Excavated During Response Actions
ch. NR 720 [PDF] Soil Cleanup Standards
ch. NR 722 [PDF] Standards For Selecting Remedial Actions
ch. NR 724 [PDF] Remedial And Interim Action Design, Implementation, Operation, Maintenance And Monitoring Requirements
ch. NR 725 [PDF] Notification Requirements For Residual Contamination And Continuing Obligations
ch. NR 726 [PDF] Case Closure
ch. NR 727 [PDF] Continuing Obligations Requirements And Reopening Closed Cases
ch. NR 728 [PDF] Enforcement And Compliance Authorities
ch. NR 730 [PDF] Superfund Cost Sharing
ch. NR 732 [PDF] Cost Reimbursement For Municipal Landfill Monitoring
ch. NR 734 [PDF] Selecting And Contracting Environmental Consulting Services
ch. NR 736 [PDF] Public Notice, Bidding And Award Of Environmental Construction Contracts
ch. NR 738 [PDF] Temporary Emergency Water Supplies
ch. NR 747 [PDF] Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund
ch. NR 749 [PDF] Fees For Providing Assistance; Remediation And Redevelopment Program
ch. NR 750 [PDF] Fees For Providing Oversight For The Contaminated Land Recycling Program
ch. NR 754 [PDF] Environmental Insurance Requirements
Webinars on ch. NR 700 Rule revisions (2013)

Department staff lead online webinars with a variety of environmental professionals over the course of several weeks to introduce and discuss the changes to the 2013 NR 700 Rule revisions. The webinars are available on the RR Program training library.

Other information and documents

Staff contacts

List of staff contacts for NR 100 and NR 700 rules

Code Title DNR Contact
NR 140 Groundwater quality Bruce Rheineck
NR 141 Groundwater monitoring well requirements Bruce Rheineck
NR 149 Lab certification and registration Tom Trainor
NR 169 Dry cleaner environmental response program Jennifer Borski
NR 700 General requirements Judy Fassbender
NR 702 Contingency planning for hazardous substance discharge response by state agencies. John Sager
NR 704 Contingency planning for abandoned container response John Sager
NR 706 Hazardous substance discharge notification and source confirmation requirements John Sager
NR 708 Immediate and interim actions Judy Fassbender
NR 712 Personnel qualifications for conducting environmental response actions Judy Fassbender
NR 714 Public Information and participation Jodie Peotter
NR 716 Site investigations Jane Lemcke
NR 718 Management of contaminated soil or solid wastes excavated during response actions Paul Grittner
NR 720 Soil cleanup standards Erin Endsley
NR 722 Standards for selecting remedial actions Angela Carey
NR 724 Remedial and interim action design, implementation, operation, maintenance and monitoring requirements Angela Carey
NR 725 Notification requirements for residual contamination and continuing obligations Jane Lemcke
NR 726 Case closure Jane Lemcke
NR 727 Continuing obligation requirements and reopening closed cases Jane Lemcke
NR 728 Enforcement and compliance authorities Judy Fassbender
NR 730 Superfund cost sharing Judy Fassbender
NR 732 Cost reimbursement for municipal landfill monitoring Judy Fassbender
NR 734 Selecting and contracting environmental consulting services Judy Fassbender
NR 736 Public notice, bidding and award of environmental construction contracts Shelley Fox
NR 738 Temporary emergency water supplies Jenna Soyer
NR 747 Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund Jenna Soyer
NR 749 Fees for providing assistance; Remediation and Redevelopment program Judy Fassbender
NR 750 Fees for providing oversight for the contaminated land recycling program Michael Prager
NR 754 Environmental insurance requirements Michael Prager
Last revised: Thursday July 09 2020