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Spring turkey hunting opportunities for the disabled

Wisconsin law provides for a variety of hunting, fishing and recreational use permits designed to help people with disabilities enjoy the state's natural resources.

For disabled hunters wishing to participate in the spring turkey hunting season there are a couple different options available. These options and additional information on how to apply are outlined on this page.

For information on season dates, permit levels and zone maps, please visit turkey hunting.

Learn more about how we work hard to ensure that people with disabilities are provided with hunting opportunities around Wisconsin. Visit Open the Outdoors.

Option 1 - Apply for drawing

The first option is to apply in the regular spring turkey hunting drawing for a Disabled Only Hunting Zone.*

The Department of Natural Resources allows hunters possessing a Class A permit, valid Class B permit which authorizes hunting from a stationary vehicle that is issued for more than one year or Class C permit to hunt turkeys in certain state parks during the spring turkey hunting season. These zones are called Disabled Only Hunting Zones. State parks with disabled hunting opportunities include:

  • Natural Bridge State Park (Zone 1G)
  • Nelson Dewey State Park (Zone 1H)
  • Belmont Mound State Park (Zone 1J)
  • New Glarus Woods State Park (Zone 1K)
  • Rocky Arbor State Park (Zone 1L)
  • Loew Lake Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest (Zone 2B)

Applications cost $3 and are available at any DNR service center, licensing agent or by applying online. Applications are due December 10 for the spring season. Applicants are required to certify that they hold and can produce proof of a valid permit of one of the types described above. Permits are limited in each state park zone and if the number of applicants exceeds the number of permits, a random drawing will be conducted to determine successful applicants. All successful applicants are allowed assistants to aid in their pursuit but the applicants must provide the park supervisor or property manager with the name and address of their designated assistant at least 1 week prior to hunting. The designated assistant may use a firearm only while retrieving a turkey shot by the participant.

* Please note that disabled hunters wishing to apply for a permit in the regular spring turkey drawing for a zone that is NOT designated a Disabled Only Hunting Zone may do so. Disabled hunters entering the drawing in this manner will enter the drawing as all other residents and non-residents do and are subject to the preference system utilized for this drawing.

* Disabled hunters entering the regular spring turkey drawing (Option 1) may NOT apply using application Forms 2300-271 and 2300-271A (Option 2).

Option 2 - Apply using forms 2300-271 and 2300-271A

Spring 2000 marked the first season for an additional disabled hunting opportunity - a "Spring Wild Turkey Hunt for People with Disabilities." This opportunity exists for those disabled hunters interested in participating in a spring wild turkey hunt on private lands. Approval and participation requires a separate application and authorization form. Upon successful completion of the application requirements, this opportunity allows a class A or C permit holder to turkey hunt on private land. The disabled hunter is required to find and work with a landowner who agrees to the hunt conditions.

For information or an application on this special disabled turkey hunting opportunity you can download the application and information sheet, forms 2300-271 and 2300-271A [PDF] or contact your local DNR service center. Forms need to be submitted by December 10 to the local DNR Wildlife Biologist or department office for the county within which the hunt will take place. Please note that any hunter applicant who applies for a Wild Turkey Hunt for People with Disabilities on private lands using the above form may NOT also apply for a permit in the regular spring turkey hunting drawing.

To find out more about a variety of hunting, fishing and recreational use permits designed to help people with disabilities, visit licenses and permits for people with disabilities.

Last revised: Monday January 27 2014