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Wisconsin Foxconn Technology Group development project

On October 4, 2017, Foxconn announced it will be locating its first U.S. manufacturing facility in the village of Mount Pleasant in Racine County. The Foxconn Technology Group (Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.) is a multinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Taiwan. The company is the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer and the fourth-largest information technology company.

As required by law, prior to construction and operation of the new facility, Foxconn must work with the state on receiving the appropriate permits and follow state and federal standards, including but not limited to applicable air and water quality and solid and hazardous waste regulations. Also, Foxconn is subject to federal wetland permitting requirements and must properly mitigate any impact on wetlands.

The DNR will be working with Foxconn, local government officials and other state and federal agencies to ensure all applicable permit requirements are met, including consideration of any environmental impacts associated with any permits or approvals.

Wisconsin Act 58

In September 2017, the State Legislature passed 2017 Wisconsin Act 58 [exit DNR], authorizing the state to create an electronics and information technology manufacturing zone, within which Foxconn will be operating. The act also directed DNR to "ensure that the conditions of applicable permits, licenses, and approvals under the department's jurisdiction are met for all activities related to the construction, access, or operation of a new manufacturing facility within an electronics and information technology manufacturing zone designated under section 238.396 (1m) of the statutes, including but not limited to permits, licenses, and approvals required under [chapters 23 through 299] of the statutes and any associated rules promulgated by the department of natural resources."


Project site maps


Air permits

All project activities must comply with state and federal air standards. The DNR's Air Program is responsible for issuing air pollution control permits to manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin.

Permit status

The DNR has received the following permit applications for projects associated with the Foxconn facility.

  • AFE, Inc. - Training Facility - Permit Number 252284340-ROPA
    On October 20, 2017, DNR granted coverage under the Type A Registration Permit to AFE, Inc., a training facility for future Foxconn employees. View application and approval documents.
  • SIO International Wisconsin - Concrete Batch Plant - Permit Number 252286100-ROPA
    On March 5, 2018, DNR received an application for coverage under the Type A Registration Permit for a concrete batch plant. The application includes two processing plants, a precast plant and a cast in place (CIP) plant. Aggregate material such as sand, gravel, admixtures and cement will be hauled to the batch plant by truck. This facility will provide concrete roadways, foundations and building structures for the construction of the Foxconn campus. View application and related documents.

    Note: A registration permit is a type of air permit that is issued to cover a category of facilities rather than to an individual facility. The Type A Registration permit covers the category of facilities defined as having air emissions that are less than 25% of the major source thresholds, which equals 25 tons per year for the criteria air pollutants. The Registration Permit sets facility-wide emission caps, requires covered facilities to comply with all applicable air pollution regulations and lists out monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

The following applications are all considered part of the same project at a single facility (referred to as the Foxconn campus).

  • AFE Inc/SIO International - Flat Panel Display Fabrication Facility - Permit Number 18-JJW-036
    On March 2, 2018, DNR received an application for construction of the Fabrication Plant, including the main flat panel display fabrication facility and ancillary operations. The Fabrication Plant will manufacture thin-film-transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD). The application also lists ancillary operations associated with the Fabrication Plant including: the purified water plant; wastewater treatment plant; liquid chemical receiving, storage and dispensing; and gas receiving, storage and dispensing areas. View application and related documents.
  • AFE Inc/SIO International - Nitrogen Plant - Permit Number 18-JJW-022
    On February 2, 2018, DNR received an application for construction of a Nitrogen Generation Plant. The Nitrogen Plant will be an air separation unit that produces gaseous and liquid nitrogen as well as gaseous and liquid oxygen and liquid argon. The gaseous and liquid products will be produced through cryogenic distillation and refrigeration of air that has been compressed and purified via an adsorption system. Pipelines will supply the products to various parts of the Campus. View application and related documents.
  • AFE, Inc./SIO International - Energy Facility - Permit Number 18-JJW-017
    On January 26, 2018, DNR received an application for construction of an Energy Facility. The Energy Facility will include the Phase 1 energy plant, Phase 2 energy plant and power substation. The Energy Facility will provide heating, cooling and process steam to the Fabrication Plant. The power substation will house emergency generators, which will provide back-up power during power outages. View application and related documents.
  • AFE, Inc. - Liquid Crystal Module (LCM) Assembly Plant - Permit Number 17-JJW-207
    On December 22, 2017, DNR received an application for AFE, Inc - Liquid Crystal Module (LCM) Assembly Plant. View application and related documents.

Storm water

Storm water

All project activities must comply with state and federal storm water and floodplain standards.

Water use

Water use

The city of Racine and Racine Water Utility have submited a straddling community diversion application to the department. Diversions of Great Lakes water are regulated under the Great Lakes Compact. The proposed diversion area includes the portion of the village of Mount Pleasant that is in the Mississippi River basin - including the area identified by Racine County as the future site of the Foxconn facility.

The application and related materials are available on the Racine diversion page.



Foxconn has indicated that it intends to discharge wastewater to the city of Racine's wastewater treatment plant. Therefore, the city, as an authorized pretreatment authority, will be the control authority. The state will provide oversight through audits, inspections and review of reports.

Federal and state law requires large municipal wastewater plants, such as Racine's, to regulate their local contributing industries. The Racine wastewater treatment plant is in turn regulated by the DNR's pretreatment program through a WPDES permit. The DNR's pretreatment program protects discharges to Wisconsin waters via publically owned treatment works (POTWs).



Under 2017 Wisconsin Act 58, manufacturing projects in the project area are exempt from Wisconsin state wetland permits and project proponents must mitigate all wetland impacts at a 2:1 ratio. This means that Foxconn must replace two acres of wetland for each wetland acre adversely impacted.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) [exit DNR] regulates the discharge of dredged or fill material into certain wetlands in the state. Discharges of dredged or fill material into federal wetlands would require a federal permit.

The areas delineated for the proposed Foxconn site encompass about 1,400 acres, and are labeled as Area A, Area B and Area C in the map below.

Map of the proposed Foxconn Site Areas A, B and C.
Map showing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) wetland delination areas A, B and C of the proposed Foxconn site.


Foxconn must submit a plan to mitigate, at a 2:1 ratio, any state wetlands that the development will adversely impact in Areas A and C.

Last revised: Friday March 09 2018