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Wetland boundary delineation

Determining wetland boundaries

Anyone planning a development project must know precisely the boundaries of wetlands on the property as determined through procedures specified in state and federal rules. A wetland professional is generally required to make the boundary determination and their findings are subject to review by regulatory agencies.

All determinations must follow the requirements specified in these documents:

Wisconsin Wetlands 1987 COE Manual
  1. Chapter NR 103, Wis. Adm. Code
  2. Chapter NR 352, Wis. Adm. Code
  3. The 1987 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual [PDF exit DNR]
  4. The proper U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regional Supplement for your location.

Wetland delineation classes

Each year the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse holds wetland delineation workshops. These two–and–a–half day workshops are held in La Crosse and at an alternate location in Wisconsin that changes each year. The courses are taught by experts and will be of interest to anyone who delineates wetlands or wishes to learn how to delineate wetlands in Wisconsin.

2014 Critical Methods Seminar

Title Presenter
Difficult Wetlands Critical Methods [PDF] Barbara Walther
FQA Benchmarks [PDF] Pat Trochlell
FSA Interpretation of Aerial Photos [PDF] Phil Meyer
FSA Landscapes and Natural Drainage Featurest [PDF] Phil Meyer
FSA Lateral Effect CR Training [PDF] Phil Meyer
FSA Offsite Mapping Tools [PDF] Phil Meyer
FSA Precipitation Evaluations [PDF] Phil Meyer
Introduction To In Lieu Fee Program [PDF] Matt Matrise
Invasive Species Prevention BMPs [PDF] Pat Trochlell
Wisconsin Wetland Compensatory Mitigation Update [PDF] Pam Schense
National Wetland Plant List [PDF] Don Reed
Updated Delineation Guidance [PDF] Barbara Walther
Wetland Delineation Special Considerations [PDF] Tom Nedland
Wetland Identification Program [PDF] Stacy Hron
WRAM v2 [PDF] Pat Trochlell

Wetland delineation professional assurance

DNR has established a professional assurance program for those highly experienced professional wetland consultants that meet certain qualifications. Professional assurance means that the work of individuals meeting training and performance standards will receive spot checks rather than individual review. This should result in faster decisions and improved wetlands protection. For information and instructions, refer to:
Wetland delineation professional assurance initiative.

Contact information
For information on wetland boundary delineation, contact:
Thomas Nedland
Wetland Identification Coordinator
Last revised: Thursday March 27 2014