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wetlands through land use planning, acquisition and wetland protection laws.
wetlands to improve wetland health and function and by re-establishing destroyed wetlands.
wetlands by getting your feet wet and learning about their wonders.

Wetland Identification Program

Complete a request online

Wetland Identification Program service requests are available online in the DNR’s Water ePermitting system

The Wetland Identification Program assists landowners with determining if wetlands are present on their property. Any person who owns or leases land may request the services offered through the Wetland Identification Program [PDF].

Wetland identification service

The wetland identification service provides a written evaluation, based upon an on-site inspection, of whether a property contains wetland. Up to 5 acres can be reviewed for a fee of $300 per acre. Requesters will receive a response in 60 days or less.

The wetland identification service cannot be used as a substitute for an official wetland delineation, and will only provide requestors with a presence/absence determination and an approximate wetland boundary location. Because the service will only provide approximate wetland boundary locations it may not be suitable for all projects. Projects that have setback requirements or are located very near a wetland may not be good candidates for the service. For this reason, we recommend anyone interested in using this service contact Wetland Identification Program staff prior to completing any request forms.

Wetland confirmation service

This service consists of a written statement, based upon an on-site inspection, of whether the DNR agrees with the wetland boundaries delineated by a consultant. A fee of $300 per 20 acres of land reviewed is associated with this service, and requesters will receive a response in 60 days or less.

The goal of this service is to provide landowners and developers certainty that a project’s delineated wetland boundaries are accurate before project plans are finalized. Taking advantage of this service early in the planning phase will prevent unexpected wetland boundary concerns from delaying a project’s approval.

Artificial wetland exemptions

Some artificially created wetlands are exempt from state wetland laws. These exemptions are specifically for:

  1. Sedimentation and stormwater detention basins and associated conveyance features operated and maintained only for flood storage purposes.
  2. Active sewage lagoons, cooling ponds, waste disposal pits, fish rearing ponds and landscape ponds.
  3. Actively maintained farm drainage and roadside ditches.
  4. Artificial wetlands within active nonmetallic mining operations.

To see if a wetland qualifies for exempt status, please refer to this information sheet [PDF].

Contact information

For more information on wetland boundary delineation, contact the specialist for your county:

Last Revised: Wednesday May 31 2017