Have you experienced the excitement of harvesting a banded game bird? Report your band recovery. Photo courtesy of Carol Steinmetz of Marshfield

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Waterfowl hunting

Please note: Three state (Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa) analysis and summary of the 2014 early teal season [PDF]

Please note: Summary of the Wisconsin 2014 early teal season [PDF]

Please note: Effective 2014 the Horicon zone boundary [PDF] has changed. Please review the zone boundary to ensure you will be purchasing the correct permit.

The Wisconsin waterfowl hunter is one of the most dedicated and involved conservationists in the nation, contributing time and money to waterfowl management and habitat restoration. Wisconsin is a great waterfowl hunting state and one of the reasons is your enthusiasm and dedication to the sport. Waterfowl are enjoyed by many people in Wisconsin. Look below for more information on waterfowl reports and surveys, hunting regulations and other current issues.

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Waterfowl Identification

Brush up on your waterfowl identification in preparation for the early teal season! Dont forget to test yourself and take the quiz!

Quiz yourself by taking the Teal Quiz and see how prepared you are for the September early teal season.

Waterfowl management

Contact information
For information on waterfowl hunting, contact:
Taylor Finger
Assistant migratory game bird ecologist
Bureau of Wildlife Management
Last revised: Wednesday April 01 2015