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Online: Go Wild

Phone: Dial 1-844-426-3734

In-person: Stations offering a phone or computer

Contact information
For more information on electronic registration, contact:
Derek Johnson
Assistant big game ecologist

Electronic deer registration

E-registration for everyone!

Register your deer online or by phone (1-844-426-3734). (county codes for phone-in registration [PDF])

Search for an in-person registration station.

All successful deer hunters will use electronic registration to report their harvest. Deer registration is still mandatory for all hunters.

Using electronic registration

What it is

Electronic registration allows hunters to fulfill the requirements of registering their deer using the phone or Internet, making this task fast, easy and convenient for hunters while providing the department with timely access to valuable harvest data. Wisconsin has already successfully implemented electronic registration for turkey and goose hunters, and has now moved to accomplish the same for the big game hunting seasons.

To prepare for this change, the department conducted a test of electronic registration options during the 2014 deer seasons. Over 14,000 hunters were selected to participate and offer feedback. During all Wisconsin deer seasons, over 10,000 deer were registered electronically. Hunters were later surveyed for feedback, resulting in changes that will make the new electronic registration system as quick and easy as possible.

How it works

After immediately attaching and validating the carcass tag, hunters will have several options for registering their harvests.

  • Online: On a computer or mobile device, go to and enter your harvest information.
  • Phone: Dial 1-844-426-3734 (1-844-GAME-REG) and follow the prompts to provide harvest information.
  • In person: Visit a designated in-person station that offers a phone or computer to hunters for the purpose of registering your deer. Hunters may locate in-person stations prior to the start of the fall hunting seasons at, keyword "registration stations".

Upon submitting all required harvest information, hunters will receive a 10-character confirmation number which must be written on the carcass tag attached to the animal. Once hunters have completed this step, the animal will be officially registered. All hunters must obtain a confirmation number and write it on the tag for the animal to be registered, even if registering at an in-person station.

Special rules
bonus tag
  • Registration of all deer remains mandatory in Wisconsin and is the responsibility of the individual hunter. It is not an option.
  • Hunters will receive a 10-character confirmation number that must be written on the carcass tag attached to the deer being registered. This will indicate to a conservation warden, wildlife biologist or meat processor that the animal has been properly registered.
    • To prevent smearing, use a permanent marker or ballpoint pen to write the confirmation number on the tag.
  • The carcass tag with confirmation number written on it must be retained by the hunter until the meat is consumed.
  • All deer must be registered by 5 p.m. the day after the animal was recovered and tagged.
  • Although all registration is electronic, the department may still require tissue sampling in some cases.
The role of traditional registration stations

Since the 1950s, in-person registration stations have aided Wisconsin hunters in registering their harvests. Local businesses have always been a cornerstone of the hunting experience and are encouraged to continue offering registration services. The traditions of registration stations do not need to end.

  • In 2016, any business can serve as an in-person registration station.
  • To be designated as a station, participating businesses need only to provide a phone or computer to hunters for the purpose of registering their animals.
  • The department will list a participating business on the DNR website if that business notifies the DNR of its intent to offer registration options.
    • To have your business name listed on the website, contact Assistant Big Game Ecologist (608-264-6023).
Important definitions
  • Antlerless deer: Any deer without antlers or with both antlers less than three inches in length.
  • Bow: Any bow, drawn and held by and through the effort of the person releasing it, but it does not include crossbow.
  • Buck deer: A deer with at least one antler which is three inches or longer in length.
  • Crossbow: Any device using a bow which, once drawn, is held solely by means other than the effort of the person firing it.
  • Private land: Land that is not public land and is not required to be open for public hunting.
  • Public land: Lands owned, under easement, or leased by federal, state or county government that are designated as open to public hunting. This may include private lands which are enrolled in the open Managed Forest Law, open Forest Crop Law programs or Voluntary Public Access program.
Required information

You will need to have the following information in order to successfully register your deer using electronic registration:

  • your DNR customer ID number;
  • weapon type you used to harvest your deer;
  • date of kill;
  • county of kill [PDF];
  • if your deer was harvested in a Tribal Unit;
  • Deer Management Zone of kill [PDF];
  • land type of kill (public or private);
  • if your deer was harvested in a CWD-affected area;
  • if you harvested a buck or an antlerless deer;
  • if you harvested an adult deer or a fawn, and if you harvested a fawn, whether it was a doe fawn or a buck fawn;
  • if you harvested a buck, if it had spiked or forked antlers; and
  • most importantly, upon successfully registering your deer using electronic registration, you will receive a confirmation number which must be written on the carcass tag affixed to the animal in order to complete the registration process. Failure to do so is a violation.
Frequently asked questions
Last revised: Monday June 13 2016