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from a listing of DNR interactive maps the provide a wide variety of information about your area of interest.
how geographic information systems (GIS) technology is being used at the DNR.
how to access maps, data and aerial photography available from DNR programs.

Interactive Web Mapping Applications

You can browse the Web mapping applications listed below for more specific information displayed in map format.

  • Current Air Quality - Provides the latest available data for several measures of air quality.
  • Air Management Data Viewer - Provides information about Air Management permitted facilities, air quality monitor locations, and submitted air emissions inventories.
  • Air Monitoring Map for Industrial Sand Mine/Processing Plants - Provides information about industrial sand operations that have a requirement in their permit to monitor for particulate matter, and must provide ambient monitoring data to the DNR.
  • Boat and Developed Shore Fishing Access Sites - A statewide inventory containing over 2,000 identified public boat access sites and over 100 developed shore fishing sites.
  • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Status Maps - Provides the most current sampling information available for Wisconsin's CWD surveillance efforts.
  • Designated Waters - Provides a way to identify whether a particular lake or stream has a special designation that affects waterway permitting.
  • Family Friendly Hikes - Try these easy, family-friendly hikes to explore Wisconsin's beautiful scenery and see wildlife while keeping a smile on everyone's face.
  • Find a Lake - Provides multiple means of searching for Wisconsin lakes of interest, and produces an interactive map displaying your lake of choice.
  • Fish Mapping Application [exit DNR] - Displays detailed maps and tables of occurrences and relative abundances for all fish species (and hybrids) reported from the state. The Mapper is a product of the Fish and Aquatic Research Section of the DNR, and is managed and hosted under a contract with the Center for Integrated Data Analytics of the U.S. Geological Survey.
  • FFLIGHT - This Fields and Forest Lands Interactive Gamebird Hunting Tool offers ruffed grouse, woodcock, pheasant and dove hunters an interactive summary of public hunting lands throughout Wisconsin.
  • Guide for Wisconsin State Parks and Forests - This official DNR mobile app offers a new way to explore Wisconsin's State Parks and Forests.
  • Guide for Wisconsin's Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife - This official DNR mobile app provides access to useful fishing, hunting and wildlife watching information in the palm of your hand.
  • Industrial Sand Mines and Processing Plants Map - Provides information about both active and inactive industrial sand mines and processing plants, as well as the locations of rail and transportation sites.
  • Lakes and AIS Viewer - Provides water resources and management data for viewing and analysis.
  • Lake Michigan State Water Trail Viewer - Allows paddlers to locate access sites and obtain other recreational information along Lake Michigan.
  • Natural Heritage Inventory (NHI) Public Portal - An online mapping application for landowners planning on-the-ground projects (e.g., residential development, prescribed burn, utility maintenance, lake drawdown) to learn if their project may have impacts to endangered resources (endangered, threatened and special concern animals and plants; natural communities and other unique natural features).
  • Private Forest Lands Open to Public Recreation - This web mapping application displays the approximate representations of over 1.3 million acres of Forest Tax Law Lands open to the public for hunting and fishing only, or hunting, fishing hiking, cross-country skiing, and sightseeing, depending on the program.
  • Public Access Lands - Provides a way to locate and obtain information on public access properties.
  • Public Shooting Ranges in Wisconsin - Find a shooting range near you with this online map.
  • Remediation and Redevelopment (RR) Sites Map - Provides information about contaminated properties and other activities related to the investigation and cleanup of contaminated soil or groundwater in Wisconsin. An alternative version of this viewer is available for mobile and Mac users: the RR Sites Map Mobile application (HTML5 version)
  • Stewardship Grant Acquisitions - Provides a way to locate and obtain information on lands acquired by local units of government and non-profit conservation organizations with the assistance of a grant from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Grant Program.
  • Water Condition Viewer - An interactive web mapping tool that focuses on water condition, monitoring and assessment data.
  • Surface Water Data Viewer - Provides information regarding water resources, monitoring stations and quality assessments.
  • Watershed Management - Dam Safety - Contains data related to Dam Safety.
  • Watershed Management - Floodplain Analysis Database - Contains data related to Floodplain Analyses.
  • Watershed Restoration Viewer - For exploring water quality improvement projects across Wisconsin.
  • Wetlands and Wetland Indicators - Contains the Wisconsin Wetland Inventory and wetland indicators (wet soils) layers, and is designed to help users determine if wetlands are likely present at their site.
  • Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II Interactive Map - Allows volunteer bird surveyors to determine atlas block boundaries, explore habitat features within blocks, and print a custom map.
  • WebView was retired as of September 22nd, 2013. Please refer to the mapping solutions above as a possible alternative.
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