CWD positive in northern WI

The following page includes information on CWD in northern WI.

Know CWD website

Know CWD website [exit DNR]Included on this site is general information about CWD in Wisconsin including common misconceptions.

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For information on CWD, contact:
Timothy Marien
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Prevalence & surveillance

Since 2002, chronic wasting disease (CWD) prevalence within our western monitoring area has shown an overall increasing trend in all sex and age classes. During the past 12 years, the trend in prevalence in adult males has risen from 8-10 percent to nearly 25 percent, and in adult females from about 3-4 percent to more than 10 percent. During that same time, the prevalence trend in yearling males has increased from about 2 percent to about 7 percent and in yearling females from roughly 2 percent to about 6 percent.

We continue to find that disease prevalence is higher in males than females and higher in adults than yearlings. It is important to keep in mind that annual prevalence estimates are subject to sampling variation, and that trends over time give us better information. These annual monitoring data are important for Wisconsin's understanding of CWD distribution and prevalence.

The graphs in the links below show estimates of trend in prevalence of CWD in the western monitoring area for yearling and adult males and females during 2002-2013. Illustrated in the graphs are trend curves that are based on all 12 years of test results.

Upgrade: The CWD mapping application has been updated to a new and improved format. This application shows harvest locations of all deer tested for CWD including the positive test results. Several enhancements include more drawing tools, the ability to measure distances and overall ease of moving through the tabbed options.

Map of sampling areas for 2013
CWD sampling areas for 2013 [PDF]The DNR will continue surveillance in the CWD-MZ within the western and eastern monitoring areas, the Baraboo/Devils Lake surveillance area and focused sampling in Lafayette, Green, Iowa, Grant and western Rock counties. We will also sample in the 10-mile radius around locations where CWD positive deer were detected in Washburn, Adams, Juneau and Portage counties during the 2011 and 2012 surveillance seasons.

Prevalence of CWD
Prevalence of CWD in the CWD Zones [PDF]This map displays the estimated prevalence of CWD per square mile within the CWD management zone. It is based on testing data collected from 2002-2009.

CWD Positive Locations
CWD positive deer locations [PDF] Updated 04/02/2014.

Wisconsin/Illinois CWD Positive Locations
Wisconsin/Illinois Positive Locations [PDF] Updated 02/13/2014.

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