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Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

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June 2001

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The following websites provide more information on exotic aquatic species in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region.

Natasha Kassulke

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The Wisconsin DNR's website provides information on the state policy on invasive species, a list of species of concern and more: Invasive Species. Or call the DNR at (608) 266-9270 for questions about aquatic exotic species.

The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant posts information on aquatic exotics at University of Wisconsin Sea Grant For more information call (608) 262-0905.

The University of Minnesota Sea Grant website at Minnesota Sea Grant has over 22 pages of Aquatic Nuisance Species research and outreach information including images. They support research and public education programs related to Lake Superior and Minnesota's water resources. Call (218) 726-8712.

The U.S. Geological Survey Nonindigenous Aquatic Species website is located at Nonindigenous Aquatic Species. The site features scientific and general information.

The Great Lakes Fisheries Commission website is located at Great Lakes Fisheries Commission.

The Great Lakes Commission/Great Lakes Panel on Aquatic Nuisance Species website is located at Great Lakes Commission des Grands Lacs.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website is located at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The U.S. Coast Guard published "Voluntary Guidelines for Recreational Activities to Control the Spread of Zebra Mussels and Other Aquatic Nuisance Species" in the Dec. 28, 2000 issue of the Federal Register. These guidelines were compiled by a multi-agency committee of the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force and contain recommendations for boaters, anglers, waterfowl hunters, SCUBA divers, etc.

Natasha Kassulke is Associate Editor of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine.

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