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Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2000

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A knowledge economy

With innovative business programs and partnerships, Wisconsin is at the forefront of national and international environmental progress.

Sara Burr

Exporting environmental know-how | It all adds up to cleaner air
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Exporting environmental know-how

Wisconsin businesses are the nation's tenth largest exporters of environmental expertise and the United States is the world leader in providing environmental technology for such basic human needs as safe drinking water, sanitation and safe foods. There's an equally strong global demand for tools and techniques to measure climate change, improve wildlife habitat, conserve natural resources and measure biodiversity.

Wisconsin firms have an international reputation for first-rate technology, engineering and management solutions. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has joined with the state Department of Commerce's International Division and the Milwaukee Export Assistance Office of the federal Department of Commerce to form a team called the Wisconsin Environmental Industry Export Forum (WEIEF) to help Wisconsin firms market their environmental knowledge, goods and services.

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Learning to grow

Environmental education centers

Computer tools for educators

Monitoring the environment

Adult and community education

Education and economics

Outreach programs for teachers


WEIEF acts as a one-stop shop to find financial and technical assistance, and make contacts with other state businesses with similar interests. In March, WEIEF will help six Wisconsin firms – Northern Environmental, Beckert Environmental, Aquarius, Key Engineering, DMT and Quest Technologies – attend a major international environmental trade show called Globe 2000 where 10,000 visitors from 75 countries will meet exhibitors who make pollution controls, design wastewater treatment devices, and develop hazardous and solid waste management systems.

WEIEF links Wisconsin's technical educators, machinists and policy makers to sell state consulting and manufacturing expertise to the worldwide customers for environmental services.

For more information about the Wisconsin Environmental Industry Export Forum, contact:

Susan Dragotta, Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce
Paul D. Churchill, U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Sara Burr, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

It all adds up to cleaner air

Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air is a coalition of 260 groups, employers, schools and local governments in southeastern Wisconsin.

To promote clean air, a business pairs up with a local school. Kids create artwork to remind employees of ways they can contribute to cleaner air. The companies donate time and money to the school.
Child's artwork

The partners are dedicated to reducing air pollution through voluntary actions. The program is considered one of the more effective voluntary efforts nationally, and has attracted the attention of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Dept. of Transportation for engaging communities and companies to achieve air quality goals.

The partners received a substantial federal grant to run a public information campaign during 2000 and 2001, including print ads, television and radio ads, and a variety of public relations tools. The campaign slogan, "It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air," will emphasize actions individuals can take to protect air quality.

Air emissions are a consequence of consumers using cars and small engines on hot summer days. Solutions are easy: For example, on hot summer days drivers should gas up their cars in the evening, maintain vehicles in top performing condition, combine errands, share rides and take the bus.

Educators with the DNR's Bureau of Communication and Education worked with the partners to attract federal dollars, and promote the campaign with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT). A DOT grant will fund running clean air ads during peak drive times and news hours during ozone action seasons for the next two years.

Sara Burr manages air quality business education for the Department of Natural Resources.

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