Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2008 Contents

Cover of December 2008 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2008

Winter wanderers
Larks and buntings are a welcome, but spotty, winter find.
The gatherer
Our visions of wild places are collected and savored over a lifetime.
Green pastures, green futures
Grazing cattle on grass meadows is lighter on the farmer, the herd, the land and the wallet.
Gifts that keep on giving
Celebrating 25 years of endangered resources success.
Making tracks
Snowshoeing leads to brisk winter adventures on crisp days.
Piecing together nature
A naturalist stitches up the fabric of outdoor denizens and habitats in colorful quilts from decades of outdoor observation.
Creature Comforts
Creature Comforts invites bird watchers to join seasonal counts and tallies.
Wisconsin Traveler
Traveler heads to sparkling heights, twinkling lights and candlelight tours to brighten the year's darkest days.
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Special Insert:
The Spirit of Collaboration [PDF 294KB]
Wisconsin's Great Lakes strategy steers ahead.

Cover of October 2008 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2008

A weasel with a secret
Why are reclusive American marten taking to parts of the Northwoods and struggling in others?
Footing the bill to spread their wings
Waterfowl hunters support and sponsor more space and more places for ducks and geese.
Don't wing it!
Plan for duck hunting success and safety.
Target hunger, help a neighbor
Harvesting deer for food pantries is good for the community and for the herd.
Living with the rusty menace
Invasives like rusty crayfish can change a lake for decades, but slowing their spread is well worth the effort.
Tending to tomorrow's woodland owners
What help do family woodland owners want so today's forests will be here tomorrow?
Creature Comforts
Creature Comforts digs up some help for getting dogs on track as companions.
Wisconsin Traveler
Wisconsin Traveler takes you owl banding, on a swamp romp, to a canine Olympics, mushing on dry land and on a candlelit walk in search of fall fun.
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Wisconsin Stewardship Fund Enters a New Era [PDF 1.1MB]
Connecting people with nature.

Cover of August 2008 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2008

A bolt from the blue
How does it catch its prey? The handsome belted kingfisher dives right in!
Hook into a good time
Catch onto the fun of a Great Lakes fishing charter.
Make it public
Check out these sites to find hunting space on public lands.
What do you pack in for the outdoors?
Tell us about the kits and gadgets you made to explore the outdoors safely, comfortably and confidently.
Tidings from the watery world
Updates on VHS, fishing tournament rules and musky genetics.
Back in business
Old factories and properties are prime locations to turn community eyesores into assets.
Creature Comforts
Creature Comforts licks a tick and evicts party animals.
Wisconsin Traveler
Wisconsin Traveler finds fisheries, outdoor festivals and sidewalk culture close to home.

Cover of June 2008 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2008

A Tale of two tigers
It's easier to tell apart swallowtail butterfly species by their habits than by their looks.
Top dogs
Bone up on some basics about training, hunt tests and field trials that prepare dogs for good days afield.
Mountain biking 101
The winding, scenic trails are designed to cross logs, climb rocks and ford streams, and mountain bikers wouldn't have it any other way!
Piping up for plovers
These rare birds need special attention.
A wild ribbon of forest and water
More than 250 miles of river await exploration on the Namekagon and St. Croix.
Wisconsin botany blitz!
Come along as volunteers inventory the goods in nature's warehouse.
Creature Comforts
Creature Comforts warms up to spring weather, sunshine and getting down in the dirt.
Wisconsin Traveler
Traveler slaps on walking shoes to hike, stroll, sink some toes in the sand and dance the night away.
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Special Insert:
Air Quality Index [PDF 300KB]
Know the air you breathe.

Cover of April 2008 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2008

Weekend adventures
58 field trips to consider from April through October. Join us!
When the bill arrives
Dabbling big-billed northern shovelers are a sure sign of spring.
Reading, writing and archery
Archery is a popular recent addition to school phy ed courses.
Build your own raingarden
This home improvement project is fun, attractive and darn good for the environment. Learn how step by step.
Seal of approval
Your pick of the parks and trails that have a special something to provide special experiences.
Creature Comforts
Be pet smart if disaster stikes. Creature Comforts says make a plan to get up and go when you gotta get out.
Wisconsin Traveler
Leap for love. Wisconsin Traveler visits lover's leaps and the birds who dance, leap and sign to bring on that lovin' feeling.
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Special Insert:
2008 Wisconsin Fishing Report [PDF 4.4MB]

Cover of February 2008 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2008

Cormorant conundrum
Sustaining cormorants while limiting their spread is tricky work.
Sociable encounters
Chance meetings with red foxes provide plenty to talk about.
License to thrill
Improved licensing systems and a new Call Center make it easier than ever to get the papers you need and enjoy the outdoors.
A legacy in pine
Trees harvested from Aldo Leopold's family plantation see new life as a green nature center.
When birders flock together
Day hikes, night walks, boat rides and tours help visitors enjoy songbirds and waterfowl at the Horicon Marsh Birding Festival.
Ten Ttitles that enlighten
We review good books that provide a great way to liven up your reading list.
Creature Comforts
Creature Comforts shows how pets are good for your health and heart.
Wisconsin Traveler
Traveler cooks up dinners, pageants, music and shows to beat the winter blues.
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Special Inserts:
For Our Patrons [PDF 922KB]
News for Conservation Patron License Holders and potential patrons.
Know Before You Go [PDF 366KB]
Prepare for safe boating in Wisconsin.
Thanks for Your Continued Support! [PDF 1.4MB]
Your investment in Wisconsin's Fish & Wildlife 2006-2007.