Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2007 Contents

Cover of December 2007 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2007

Conifers adapt different strategies in the up and down world of seed dispersal.
Bald and beautiful
Eagles return to stir emotion, spur economics.
The nature of art and science
Two exhibits provide a fresh perspective on habitat and climate change.
The view we prize from land and water
Rules, incentives and awards protect both individual and collective rights to shorelands.
The hell of high water
Responding to emergencies is an unseen service until disaster strikes.
Creature Comforts
Make the Christmas Bird Count a holiday tradition.
Wisconsin Traveler
Take the kids.
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Cover of October 2007 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2007

The world down under
Caves in Wisconsin? You bet! We can help you find them and explore them.
The century run
A boy and his father wing it for birding glory.
Cunning corvids
Learn a thing or two about the Einsteins of the bird world.
Appetite for trouble
How browsing deer change the landscape in forests, croplands and homesteads.
Tailoring the take to the fishery
In some streams, special size and bag limits can encourage trout populations that better match angler expectations.
Smoke from a bald giant
This massive fungi is a creamy puffball but not a pushover.
Creature Comforts
Politics and four-legged bedfellows.
Wisconsin Traveler
I'm pumped!
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Cover of August 2007 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2007

Beauty and the beach
Some find it unsightly, but scrubby vegetation is the foundation upon which a beach is built.
Pointing a new way to recreation
With a little map knowledge, GPS units can help you find a new hobby or make your way back to a favorite fishing hole, hiking trail, or wild asparagus patch.
Milkweed love
Pollination is tricky, but it works!
Behind the Pattison
Memories of a magical place.
Plants and animals change form, shape and appearance as they mature through the seasons.
Q & A about VHS
Quick answers to common questions about an emerging fish disease.
Creature Comforts
Feed those birds and get your pup in shape.
Wisconsin Traveler
A good old time
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Special Insert:
Creating the right atmosphere
Approaches that staved off acid rain set the stage to tackle today's air challenges.

Cover of June 2007 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2007

Small, blue and bountiful
Wisconsin is home to more Karner blues than anywhere else in the world.
A tangled question
DNR scientists begin to unravel the secrets of Eurasian water-milfoil and its effect on Wisconsin lakes.
Learn to bear hunt
Summer workshops offer teens the chance to learn bear biology and management, and to participate in a hunt.
A firm hand on the spigot
A compact of Great Lakes states and provinces aims to protect this liquid treasure from a thirsty world.
Spring cleaning a fishery
Rehabbing spring ponds pumps up Northwoods trout streams.
Small floaters before your eyes
Tiny one-inch jellyfish are at home in at least 40 state waters. How did they get here and why do they vanish?
Creature Comforts
Dog days of summer.
Wisconsin Traveler
Opposites attract
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Special Insert:
Reasonable expectations
Practical advice and positive directions to recognize and minimize the consequences of invasive species.

Cover of April 2007 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2007

The boss
This would-be tough guy mainly belts out songs.
Take me along
Book a weekend hike, tour or paddle from April through October.
Keeping connected
A big exposition aims to spark kids - interest in a lifetime of outdoor recreation and exploration.
Signals from the pastures and the ridge tops
Two years of tracking the wanderings of wild turkeys shows the mix of field and forest habit at that gobblers prefer.
Spooked by a feathered specter
When a hopeful hunter matched wits with a white turkey, he only had a ghost of a chance.
More bluff than bite
They huff and hiss, but these bullish snakes are harmless and a rare find. Help us locate where bullsnakes range and roam in Wisconsin.
Creature Comforts
Enough peeping and leaping to go around.
Wisconsin Traveler
Super sap sweetens spring.
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Special Insert:
2007 Wisconsin Fishing Report [PDF 2.5MB]
Forecasting hot spots and fishing opportunities throughout the year.

Cover of February 2007 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2007

Felines with fins
Long disparaged as the strays of the piscine world, Wisconsin's bullhead catfish deserve some respect.
Keep neater feeders
A few simple steps can help keep songbirds healthy as they wing in for a little seed and conversation.
Citizen scientist
Wisconsin's first Renaissance man, Increase A. Lapham merits renown as surveyor, engineer, mapmaker, historian, self-taught botanist, geologist, forester, meteorologist and a prescient conservation voice.
Spry slider
Spying a frolicking river otter is a high point on a winter walk. Look for its coded message in the snow.
Track down a crowning treasure
As bucks give antlers the drop, eagle-eyed shed hunters can pick up a seasonal souvenir.
Keeping current
When the brook stopped babbling, neighbors started talking.
Creature Comforts
Warm up your pets this winter.
Wisconsin Traveler
Play n...ice.
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