Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2006 Contents

Cover of December 2006 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2006

Across the trestles of time
In decades long past, the Badger Fish Cars hauled fry to stock remote Wisconsin waters. Now old No. 2 may be back on track.
Furs, inside and out
Wildlife biologists and wardens tan a few hides in a short course on trapping.
Cultivating a better solution
Healthy farms, water protectors and communities are shaping better ways to manage manure.
A Stick in time
Up from the depths, a malodorous, mud-covered piece of wood reveals a sliver of Wisconsin's natural history.
Window stickers
Treefrogs adapted to scurry up bark and fend off the big chill.
Words worth your while
Settle down with good books for facts, fun and an indoor escape to the outdoors.
Wisconsin Traveler
Engines and art.
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Special Insert:
A River under repair
The Fox fights back.

Cover of October 2006 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2006

Weather the weather, whatever the weather
Hot, cold, wet or dry, take a look at weather conditions during the last 50 deer seasons.
Border patrol
Mourning doves scour the edges of roads, fields and woods for weed seeds and water.
Rejuvenating a reliable workhorse
Wild Rose Fish Hatchery will continue to pump out great water and great fish.
The well-mannered hunter
Most hunters know to ask permission before hunting on private land, but etiquette extends far beyond that.
The speedy pace of outdoor relaxation
Meeting growing demand for campsites while enhancing outdoor experiences takes a lot of friends.
Protecting nature's middle class
Federal wildlife grants are helping restore habitat and species on public and private properties.
Wisconsin Traveler
City life
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Cover of August 2006 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2006

Caring for the "orphans"
Years of effort and millions of dollars help restore abandoned contaminated properties.
Wetter – or not?
Determining if a property is a wetland isn't always a cut-and-dried affair. Sometimes you have to get your feet wet to find the answer.
Curious creatures on the Big River
Sponges, shrimp and meat-eating plants dwell in the Mississippi.
Come and get it!
Time-tested favorites from your campfire and kitchen.
Well seasoned memories
Treasured recipes from a new cookbook stir up thoughts of good times around the campfire and stove.
Keeping the fight in the king of fishes
Natural strains and careful matchmaking invigorate the genetic lineage of stocked muskellunge.
A late blue bloomer
Bottle gentians are easy wildflowers to grow in moist to wet soils.
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Ice is nice
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Special Insert:
The forest where we live
Growing a legacy of urban forestry.

Cover of June 2006 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2006

Contemplating competition
Do fishing tournaments fit on Wisconsin's waters?
Naturally green by design
Two new DNR buildings are easy on the eyes and the environment.
Sowing seeds of hope
For 20 years the Natural Resources Foundation has provided the ways and means for individuals to help grow Wisconsin's conservation future.
Silent whistle
Never plentiful in Wisconsin, bobwhite quail prevail despite harsh conditions.
Green invaders on the horizon
Your help can keep troublesome new plants from taking root.
Superior adventure
On the greatest of the Great Lakes, a self-powered cruise of the nearshore islands is high adventure.
Hit the beach
Nineteen spots to soak up some sun, dunk your toes and celebrate summer.
Wisconsin Traveler
Chow Main Street
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Cover of April 2006 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2006

A burst of yellow glory
Wet soils flush with dark greens and bright blossoms when the marsh marigolds bloom.
Take a field day
Book a weekend hike, tour or paddle from April through October.
Early signs of recovery?
Are yellow perch inching back from a 15-year decline?
Bundling up the borer
Containing firewood is an important plank in staving off a spreading forest pest.
Threshold of pane
Collisions into windows pose the greatest manmade danger to songbird populations.
Small for one, and one for small
Researchers champion the cause of the little mammals and strive to bring population studies into the 21st century.
Wisconsin Traveler
A capital treat
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Special Insert:
Groundwater, Wisconsin's buried treasure
Drink up the reasons to cherish and protect groundwater.

Cover of February 2006 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2006

A surface observation
In every season, the water line forms a fine border that is ceiling, floor, barrier and foundation for a lot of living things.
On guard!
Sign up for a streamside look at a love-in.
Flavors we savor
Share your one-pot, one-pan, must-have favorites.
The drummer of love
Prairie chickens court spring and a future on vast grasslands of central Wisconsin.
A fluid situation
As Wisconsin's hydropower plants undergo reviews to renew their federal licenses, the state and the public aim to reclaim some recreational and environmental benefits lost when the dams were built.
Hit the books
Eight new offerings to round out your winter reading.
Wandering waxwings
A search for fruit keeps flocks of these magnificent birds roaming the countryside.
Wisconsin Traveler
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