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Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2005 Contents

Cover of December 2005 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2005

Invasion of the vole snatchers
A rare winter treat of northern owls had birders flocking to northern Wisconsin.
A path of our own making
The Land Legacy Report serves as a compass, blueprint and roadmap to guide land conservation and outdoor recreation for the next 50 years.
Vertically inclined
A forest of ancient, twisted trees grows from the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment.
Little streams feed a big fishery
Better trout and salmon fishing along the Lake Superior shore starts in the small streams and rivers flowing into the big lake.
Bobbing heads in the crowd
Rafting coots are a sure sign of fall.
Sweet and sour pie
Savoring some memorable Thanksgiving feasts – and a first date.
Wisconsin Traveler
Home for the holidays.
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Special Inserts:
Wisconsin's Land Legacy [PDF 584KB]
A poster about the special places we preserve and protect.
Marketplace Matters
Understanding the economic value of Wisconsin forests

Cover of October 2005 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2005

Keeping the North the North
A decade in the making, the Northern Initiatives still point the way toward reasoned development that sustains the character of the Northwoods.
Feeding good habits
Meet some companies with new ideas and new approaches to building businesses from recycling.
Miles of isles
Restoring island habitat in the broad expanse of the Upper Mississippi River benefits fish, wildlife and local communities.
Three years down a long road
Controlling chronic wasting disease remains a work in progress.
A walk on the wet side
A light touch and hairy toes help these bugs stride across the water.
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Wisconsin: where recyclables are too valuable to waste
A poster to help you enjoy the memories again and again.

Cover of August 2005 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2005

Let the cup be unbroken
Encourage natural plantings that won't be cut down in their prime along roadsides.
The return of the loud redheads
It's no mystery: These lively, colorful woodpeckers love a good snag.
A long stretch of wonder
92 miles of sandbars, driftwood and diversity, the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway provides an escape for humans and a safe haven for rare fish.
Wild hogs in the woods
Wildlife and agriculture officials take a stand in the mud to ferret out feral pigs from pockets of the Wisconsin countryside.
Worming into new territory
Inch by inch, earthworms are gaining ground in the Northwoods – where they are not naturally found.
A Generation of shared rights and shared responsibilities
Two decades after treaty fishing rights were reaffirmed, resource managers have more knowledge and stronger working relationships to share a harvest and sustain northern Wisconsin fisheries.
Wisconsin Traveler
Tour de Fitchburg
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Cover of June 2005 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2005

Curious by nature
A gathering of professional and amateur scientists discusses how to knit together a network to turn outdoor observations and measurements into usable scientific data.
Algae that's bad news for the nose
Conditions remain right for periodic outbreaks of stinky algae along the Lake Michigan coast.
The ripple effect
With lake grants, municipalities, groups and individuals can assume ever-expanding roles in local shoreland protection. Can they help your community?
A nettlesome question
Many butterfly larvae put the bite on this stinging plant.
Deadly crossing
A stretch of highway through Horicon Marsh takes its toll on wildlife trying to reach habitat on the other side. Can we bypass the damage?
Show more with less
It takes practice to say it simply visually.
Wisconsin Traveler
Fair enough
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Special Inserts:
Sign up for success
Learn about CREP buffers to protect the land, water and your checkbook.
Hitching a ride
A special section about invasive species in Wisconsin's waters.

Cover of April 2005 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2005

A lesson in patience
Ready for the seasons to change? Take everything in its time.
Time to travel!
Come along on guided field trips from April through October.
Stealth on silent wings
Barn owls – deadly accurate nighttime flights are an all too rare sight.
Coulee trout
Lose yourself exploring the valleys and trout streams of southwestern Wisconsin.
River on the rebound
Restoring the lifeblood that flows through the heart of Milwaukee.
Keepers of the flame
At a state park on the very tip of Door County, volunteers shed light on the lives and times of Great Lakes sentinels who kept the night watch.
Wisconsin Traveler
Hawks and herps
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Special Insert:
Spreading like wildfire
Planning fire prevention as communities grow into woodlands.

Cover of February 2005 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2005

Get the picture
Tips to improve your wildlife photos
or get started in a new hobby.
Read all about it
New books to while away a winter night in good company.
Contrasting foresters
A brief look at forestry then and now
in Sauk County.
Shoreside sentinels
Shrinking populations of tiny two- to three-inch fish warn how shoreland development.
The gall of that fly!
Burrowed in a swollen plant stem, a tiny fly larva waits out winter.
Green schools = healthy communities
A voluntary environmental assessment program offers the right equation for students to examine their school grounds and learn about the community at large.
Wisconsin Traveler
Let the show begin!
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Special Insert:
Welcome Aboard
Discovering Wisconsin's maritime trails.