Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2004 Contents

Cover of December 2004 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2004

Treetop ornaments
Like kids on holiday, red-breasted nuthatches poke and probe around evergreens looking for winter goodies.
The pleasure of dead trees
For natural drama and entertainment, there's nothing quite as good as dead wood.
Where sleeping bears lie
For 20 years, Maggie Heino has tracked the roving black bear population across northern Wisconsin.
The core of recovery
What does Wisconsin most need to do to protect, restore and enhance its waters in times of diminishing funds and increasing pressure on natural resources
The glass ceiling
Winter diving opens a window to life under the ice.
The perfect partner
Wisconsin's land trusts connect the conservation goals of individuals with the landscape at large.
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Stand up and be counted.
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Breathing easier
Forecasting air quality in Wisconsin.

Cover of October 2004 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2004

The snowbird chorale
Juncos twitter in the fall and winter chorus.
Deer in the headlights
Split-second actions can help you avoid and survive highway collisions with deer.
Bucks in the rut
Remarkable photos catch whitetails in this season of signaling their mating intentions.
Fowl weather boating
Cold fall days provide mixed risks and rewards to duck hunters on the water.
Generations of good company
The family deer camp provides enduring comfort, sanctuary and fellowship.
Outdoor traditions
WNR readers share some fond memories and favorite outdoor rituals.
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Stage fright!
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Managing Wisconsin's old growth
Protecting and producing old forest characteristics.

Cover of August 2004 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2004

Red in the yellow
Cardinal flowers flag down hummers in the heat of summer.
How now, Frau Blau?
Skullduggery at a country auction.
Loosening a knotty hold on rivers
The Baraboo provides a national model for removing obsolete dams and measuring the natural recovery of free-flowing rivers.
Nature's dry bouquets
Gathering and preserving wildflowers and grasses is festive and easy.
A spud in the spotlight
With the help of a global conservation organization, Wisconsin potato growers are improving farming practices to benefit the environment and consumers.
Searching for Alder Fork
A determined fly-fisher wades through time and place to find and fish the stream of his conservation hero.
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Scuba do
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Cover of June 2004 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2004

Two hearts in three-four time
Wild ginger "couples" sway in the breeze.
The water wolf's invisible nursery
Miles of tiny streams and flooded ditches less than 10 inches deep form a temporal lover's lane for northern pike along Green Bay's west shore.
Rallying the water brigade
It takes people, patience and time to recognize and prevent the spread of tiny aquatic invaders.
A Growing thirst for groundwater
Where water demand outpaces supply, times warrant a fresh look at a resource considered unfathomable and unending.
Restoring Devil's Lake from the bottom up
A 15-year DNR project will drain phosphorus by withdrawing water from the deepest part of Devil's Lake.
Safer shores
Recent legislation helps states keep a close watch on beach water quality, but funding for continued monitoring may be at low tide.
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A grand event
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Reach the beach
A special section about the treasures and challenges on Wisconsin's sand and rock shores.

Cover of April 2004 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2004

Saving the best of the best
The special parts of our landscape deserve special attention. They get it from the Natural Resources Foundation.
The pipes are rusty, but this enthusiastic crooner is a beauty.
Wading with damsels
Walk through water to glimpse these winged beauties in action.
Pirate perch
A story and a remembrance of a rare breed.
The elusive turk
For five years, respect was about as hard to find as a turkey.
Have guides, will travel
75 tours take you to the right place at the right time.
Wisconsin Traveler
Spring delights
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Cover of February 2004 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2004

100 years of Wisconsin forestry
Some highlights in managing vast resources and working with people in Wisconsin's forests.
Good grounds for conservation
Time for a lesson about the birds and beans.
A bittersweet tale
This colorful vine gets all wrapped up in the season.
From the trail to the garden
Where there's a will, there's a way to enjoy Wisconsin woodland plants at home.
Homegrown recovery
Steps to restore a slumping economy need to sustain our natural assets as we expand business opportunity and create new jobs.
Memories of special days start early and linger a lifetime.
Wisconsin Traveler
Get real
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For our patrons
News for Conservation Patron license holders.