Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2003 Contents

Cover of December 2003 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2003

Standing out from the crowd
White birch grabs your attention in all seasons.
Good reads and good times
Eight new books celebrate outdoor experiences, lifestyles and endeavors
Shaping tomorrow's building blocks
New wood products and processes for home building are always under construction at the Forest Products Laboratory.
Forests of opportunity
For 75 years school forests have planted the seeds to restore the outdoors and instill outdoor ethics in Wisconsin students.
Blue socks, anise oil and the magic can of worms
Got an odd or funny hunting camp or fishin' tradition? Let's hear about it.
Booting up for safety
A CD course helps new snowmobilers stay on the trail to safer sledding.
Wisconsin Traveler
Museum peace.
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Special Insert:
Habitat at home
Attract birds and wildlife to your backyard year-round with simple-to-construct shelters and feeders.

Cover of October 2003 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2003

Life on the edge
The view is magnificent, the recreation unmatched, but waterfront homeowners find some special requirements of lakeside living hard to live with. Can we help while protecting the waterways?
Giving refuge
Some of the most precious jewels of America's wild heritage are held in trust in our national wildlife refuges. Celebrate their centennial.
The taste of autumn
Squirrel hunts are great ways to enjoy fall days and teach new hunters field skills.
Bobbing, bustling and busy
Water shrews work the surface, shore and streambed in all seasons.
The gatecrasher in the loud yellow and black suit
When fall food and drink are plentiful, these wasps are ready to party.
Wisconsin Traveler
The land between two rivers.
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Special Insert:
Enjoy and Protect Wisconsin's Great Lakes
Wisconsin Coastal Management Program's investment in our coastal communities.

Cover of August 2003 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2003

A long journey for the night hunter
Restoring the range where fishers roam takes teamwork.
Respect for the night patrol
Beleaguered by bad press, bats are fragile mammals and important allies that deserve our help.
A world in a leaf
Tiny spiders weave a niche in a few square inches.
A new hunt, a new challenge
Wisconsin's first mourning dove hunt opens September 1st. Here are tips to get going.
Up for the morning bugle call
The chance to hear elk sound off at sunrise is worth the trip.
A bug besetting birds, horses and humans alike
The West Nile virus will likely be here for a long time. How large a threat does it pose?
Wisconsin Traveler
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Cover of June 2003 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2003

Adrift on the sea of life
The search to explain declining yellow perch populations in Lake Michigan zeroes in on the fry's ability to survive 'the black hole' – those first months drifting around the big water.
A far fly from home
Who would have bet on a snowy's chance in summer?
Realm of the smoke birds
The black terns of Rat River dart and hunt over Wisconsin marshlands.
A year with CWD
Wildlife Director Tom Hauge recounts how far we've come and where we are headed in continuing efforts to curb, explain and contain chronic wasting disease in Wisconsin's white-tailed deer herd.
First call for cleanup
For a quarter-century, a simple spill reporting law has helped communities, businesses and governments stanch everything from trickles of pickle juice to floods of fuel oil.
A beachead for safe swimming
For the first time, water quality at all of Wisconsin's popular coastal beaches will be monitored, and the public alerted when the water is unsafe for swimming.
Wisconsin Traveler
Anchors aweigh!
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Special Insert:
Reining in polluted runoff
A special section on how Wisconsin moves from the law to the land when dealing with runoff.

Cover of April 2003 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2003

Stellar bloomer
A flower named for Greek gods fires across the prairie.
Birders of a feather
Birdwatchers, hunters and scientists flock together to share a common interest in conserving birdlife.
One hundred years of health
Drawing on a century's worth of experience, the State Lab of Hygiene prepares to sample the future.
A map for all seasons
The Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail will guide you on journeys of discovery.
Travel in good company
Choose and enjoy these 62 field trips from spring through fall.
Wisconsin Traveler
In-flight entertainment
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Special Insert:
Lake Superior – A Place Apart
A special section on the greatest of the Great Lakes.

Cover of February 2003 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2003

What color is a bluejay?
Looks deceive.
A smoldering issue
PBDEs control the spread of fire in scores of products. Will they ignite another environmental menace?
And the plot thickens...
Steer clear of pitfalls in growing food plots for wildlife.
Adolescents, beagles and cottontails
Winter rabbit hunts just might provide the ABCs to introduce youngsters to the simple pleasures of days afield with a good dog.
Taking stock of state hatcheries
The art and science of raising fish is tricky in a tight economy.
A fresh look at energy
Renewable energy and conservation are bigger parts of the energy mix in Germany. Can we do it here?
Wisconsin Traveler
To B or not to B?
Special Insert:
Slow down in town
From backyards to businesses and city hall: How people in town can curb storm water pollution.