Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2002 Contents

Cover of December 2002 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2002

The midnight marauder
This "house guest" is up and about kind of late in winter.
Get the big picture
Two maps help you see and feel the character of Wisconsin's geographic features.
Long live the kings
A catch-and-release ethic and sound management are restoring strong populations of big muskies to many Wisconsin waters.
Nature as near as your back door
Urban nature centers open the door for the curious, the serious and the novice nature watchers in town.
The complex business of keeping the lights on
Smart energy policy takes more than flipping a switch. Germany provides lessons.
Wisconsin Traveler
Kites and pies.

Cover of October 2002 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2002

Clear intentions
Thirty years ago this month the Clean Water Act started the work of recovering the nation's troubled waters. Are we ready for the next stage?
Quality from the field to the table
Tips for processing deer and ordering tasty sausages.
Fashioning the flock
Handmade decoys are beautiful heirlooms and draw in waterfowl.
Reducing the CWD risk
Understanding the risks of CWD exposure and the tactics we are taking to stem the disease.
A swift performance
And you thought eight clowns in a car was a tough act to follow!
Wisconsin Traveler
Trail's end.
Special Insert:
The forest where we live
Caring for trees in our cities and backyards.

Cover of August 2002 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2002

Hit the trails!
The largely unseen network of footpaths, bike routes, horse trails and the routes yet to come.
The celebrated water witch of Door County
How Clifford's divining comedy created a little hell on earth.
Shotgun camp
This gun club developed a fun summer program with kids. Could yours do the same?
Chestnut's last stand
The largest remaining grove of American chestnut in the world is under siege and under intensive care in La Crosse County.
CWD update
Here's the scoop on plans to contain chronic wasting disease among deer.
Pipe dreams
Look for the ghost flowers of August.
Wisconsin Traveler
Who has the energy?
Special Insert:
A guide to reducing pollutants for marinas, boaters and other coastal customers.

Cover of June 2002 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2002

Bassin' basics
How to gear up and hook up for the greatest fight on water.
Packaging progress
There's an art to combining grants and loans so communities get a bigger bonus from public aid.
Pitcher in the bog
Some nectar, the right shape, and there's no escape.
Fighting for a worthy shore
As algae slimed up little English Lake, neighbors fought back.
Launching an interest in the shoreline
Communities can get grants and help to provide access to the shoreline.
A night float
After dark, a river's personality reveals depths and shadows hidden by the light of day.
Wisconsin Traveler
It's cool to spelunk!
Special Insert:
Dive into diversity
Exploring Wisconsin's Southeast Region.

Cover of April 2002 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2002

Adventures in rare places
Annual field trips visit 63 State Natural Areas.
Making headway
In an Earth Day message, Secretary Bazzell accounts how many things are going right and what efforts are under way to stay the course.
Fish gotta swim
New mandates about fish passage provide a chance to reconnect Wisconsin's aquatic habitats.
Sleigh Bells in the swamp
An amorous chorus of treefrogs rings in spring.
Masters of the wind
Transient shorebirds stop in Wisconsin to refuel on their far-reaching migrations.
Perservering for preservation
The result of five decades of dedicated effort, the State Natural Areas program today conserves 333 extraordinary Wisconsin places.
On a wing and a prayer
An airborne metal 'mom' may save whooping cranes from extinction by teaching young cranes how to fly – and migrate.
Wisconsin Traveler
Spring heralds.

Cover of February 2002 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2002

Floating on snow
Lighter materials and varied designs offer snowshoers new twists on an old-fashioned way to get around.
A window to the outdoors
In its second year, our Emmy-winning TV series leads kids outside "the box" to great experiences.
The 'stuf' of dreams
The chance to unearth a rare life form proved irresistible.
Quiet winter visitors
Pine grosbeaks are big, shy northern guests.
Restoring life to a watershed
Once destined to die a slow death from erosion, streams in the Coulee Region now support thriving populations of brook and brown trout.
Off the rack
Our picks for a good read and a little diversion.
Wisconsin Traveler
Follow your muse.
Special Insert:
Certified woods
Ingraining sustainable forestry.