Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2001 Contents

Cover of December 2001 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2001

Shack time
Your stories about your hardwater hideouts.
Sacrificing sweet sixteen
Sometimes the greatest thing we give is what we give up.
Mad about mushing
Dog sledding is great fun, and there are lots of places in Wisconsin to watch it and do it.
When the world comes to the Northwoods
Strap on your skis. We're taking on the Birkie!
When the woods turn white
Camping in winter? In the snow? You bet!
A secret under the snow
An earth essence with cheery red berries and vibrant green leaves lies just under foot in the dead of winter.
Wisconsin Traveler
Some like it cold!
Special Insert:
Time to chill out!
A winter guide to serene, wacky and wonderful outdoor recreation.

Cover of October 2001 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2001

Marking time with the swans of autumn
At Rieck's Lake, migrating tundra swans are the grace note of the fall season.
Changes on the Chippewa
An agreement on Xcel Energy's six hydropower dams on the Lower Chippewa River will bring changes in power generation and improvements for river biology and recreation.
The man of action
A hot-headed hunter on a cool morning set the scene for a show-down.
The vine that twines
Nature provides many ways to take hold without hands or feet!
Keeping an eye on the border and the future
Early detection of emerging wildlife diseases protects the health of deer, livestock — and humans.
Sawing a cleaner slice of history
A river was rerouted, mussels were moved and history was made...again.
Wisconsin Traveler
Fall: Inside or out?

Cover of August 2001 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2001

When marl meant money
Entrepreneurs gambled and lost mining a little-remembered mineral.
Carving a memory
With a block of wood and an eye for detail, a favorite catch will never get away!
Emerald-eyed dragons
Scientists flock to Wisconsin to study a really rare dragonfly.
Senseless killer
Carbon monoxide kills campers, hunters, boaters and ice anglers every year. Learn how to stay alive.
Drinking parties
When butterflies sip, sip, sip, it's in a puddle!
Our conservation agenda
Secretary Bazzell lays our future directions and challenges.
A fishery with a future
Thanks to habitat work, trout fishing on the Wolf River is even better.
Wisconsin Traveler

Cover of June 2001 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2001

Pull your own oar
A handmade rowboat looks great, handles like a dream, and reflects the taste and style of its maker.
Honoring the ancient ones
Biologists and the public alike want to restore lake sturgeon to their ancestral waters.
Weeding wild places
Communities and land managers are coming together to take invasive weed control into their own hands.
limiting the hitch in the day's catch
It's easier than ever to minimize the risk of mercury exposure from eating sport fish. The bad news? Mercury remains a metal on the move that is more widespread than we realized.
Time of the turtles
The "smiling" Blanding's turtles hide out in the duckweed and disappear a good part of the year.
Wild beauties for the back yard
A few native orchids are easy to grow in your garden, but most take coaxing, patience and a spirit of experimentation.
Wisconsin Traveler
Thrills and skills!
Special Insert:
Out of place
A special section on exotic species in Wisconsin.

Cover of April 2001 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2001

Thinking out of the box
A new nest box design borne of careful observation boosted bluebird populations statewide.
The joy of falling water
Wisconsin rivers wend, wind and cascade over at least 70 waterfalls. Enjoy the best of them in every season.
The art and science of seeing
An experienced wildlife photographer offers tips to improve your powers of visual observation outdoors.
Aerial show-offs
Secretive woodcocks take center stage for a few weeks each spring.
Memories of Gobbler's Nob
How four guys and 25 years turned 45 wild turkeys into one of Wisconsin's most successful restoration projects.
Follow our lead
Join us on field trips spring to fall.
Wisconsin Traveler
Ride some wild rapids!
Special Insert:
The green(er) machine
Operating and maintaining your vehicle in an environmentally sound manner.

Cover of February 2001 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2001

The herd that tracks the packs
A network of volunteers track wolves in Wisconsin's Northwoods each winter. You can join them.
The rod squad
Taking a team approach to ice fishing can increase your exercise, your enjoyment and your chances of finding fish.
Flight of the bluebills
Scaups scoff at winter weather.
Conversations with a stick
As an ideal walking companion, a stout stick will lend an ear.
Planning Wisconsin's land legacy
Gauging land conservation and recreation needs for the next 50 years.
Big beaks come calling
Colorful evening grosbeaks pack power in their seed-cracking jaws.
Sanctuary on ice
Send in your favorite ice shanty photos.
Wisconsin Traveler
Cure cabin fever!
Special Insert:
Near Shore & Under Water
Managing fisheries and habitat in Wisconsin.