Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2000 Contents

Cover of December 2000 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2000

Well above, trouble below
Arsenic, a trace element once locked in bedrock, is turning up in some Wisconsin wells.
Barred from the woods
Seldom seen but often heard, the eight-hooter enlivens a winter walk.
A Walden of one's own
Building a pond can be a pleasant project – or lead to a swamp of complications.
Into the Outdoors
A new TV show tunes in to outdoor fun.
Crewing for the community
In today's Wisconsin Conservation Corps, young adults gain job skills, life experience and a sense of belonging.
Solitude on the Willow Flowage
A new master plan intends to maintain the wild character of this watery jewel.
Wisconsin Traveler
Heritage for the holidays!

Cover of October 2000 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2000

Caught in time
A venerable method of capturing animals, trapping, has more uses today than it ever did during the time of the voyageurs.
October winds
When breeze turns to bluster, seeds and birds take to the air.
Targeting health and fitness
Well into his eighth decade, deer hunter and exercise expert Fred Kasch draws the long bow with vigor and accuracy.
The fine art of forgetting
How a sitting grouse cured an itchy finger.
Saving Wisconsin's last great places
Communities and The Nature Conservancy work together to protect the state's natural heritage.
Industry's hidden assets
The by-products of the processes used to generate electricity, make paper and produce metal castings are really resources in disguise.
Wisconsin Traveler
Hike through October!

Cover of August 2000 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2000

Big lessons from small places
The C.D. Besadny Grants fund small projects to foster outdoor conservation.
The viggle years
A fishing gift that kept on giving.
Grappling with the green giant
Reed canarygrass is both a tool and a pest for wildlife managers.
Four seasons at Navarino
A year-round hotspot to watch wildlife near the Fox Valley.
Don't breathe a word!
Not all fishing holes are created equal.
A chance encounter
Cloaked in chocolate brown, this butterfly pitches woo on a woodland path.
Exploring Wisconsin's great cliff
Travel the hard rock of the Niagara Escarpment.
Wisconsin Traveler
Snap up a photo opportunity in Wisconsin!
Special Insert:
The State of Wisconsin's Natural Resources [PDF 3.5MB]
Our first annual report on outdoor progress and challenges.

Cover of June 2000 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2000

Wild parsnip II
Itching for an update? Here are your tales of encounters with the "burning bush."
The reach from land to water
Large piers and marinas test how far private land rights should extend from the shore.
Daddy long-legs
The elegant harvestmen are neither spiders nor insects.
A building transformation
From the floor joists to the rafters, from the contractor to the community, the concept of "green building" covers every aspect of creating livable places.
Fruits of nature
What sweeter pastime could there be than picking berries on a summer morning?
Get hooked with your buddies
Reel Kids Klubs provide a time, a place and a way for kids to enjoy fishing year-round.
Wisconsin Traveler
June is the time to celebrate whey, wildlife and all things Wisconsin!
Special Insert:
Auto Log
Use this handy log to track car repairs, remember routine maintenance, and clue in your auto repair technician.

Cover of April 2000 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2000

Bringing in nature's bounty
You know all about hunters in Wisconsin. Now meet the gatherers, who harvest moss, cut boughs and collect seeds from state properties.
Less work, more beauty, better protection
Owners who restore manicured shorelands to a more natural state spend less time mowing the lawn and more time enjoying their lakes.
A star-studded night
The dark skies in state parks are ideal for celestial exploration.
Welcome woodpecker
Enjoy the visit when a red-bellied woodpecker comes knocking.
Wisconsin Traveler
Refresh your memory — tour northwestern Wisconsin and reacquaint yourself with the delights of spring.
Special Insert:
Warming trends
What global climate change could mean for Wisconsin.

Cover of February 2000 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2000

In search of perch
Researchers eliminate suspects and follow clues to explain the mysterious decline in Lake Michigan's favored fish.
Battered by the airwaves
A growing nunber of broadcast towers signal trouble for migrating birds.
A Cooper's hawk family album
Spend a season eye-to-eye with a forest raptor.
Lighting the outer limits
How a Friends group restored an aging lighthouse on Wisconsin's far-flung fringe.
A peaceful harvest
Winter logging with heavy horses is light on the land.
Get the drift?
How wind and weather form sculpted drifts.
Wisconsin Traveler
Sweetness, laughter and light!
Special Insert:
Learning to grow
DNR environmental education programs for students, parents, teachers, communities and businesses.