Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

1999 Contents

Cover of December 1999 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 1999

Redpoll winter
Flocks of these arctic finches wander to Wisconsin sometimes.
Still at home in the Badger State
The elusive badger has burrowed deeply into Wisconsin's landscape. Changing habitat just gives it new holes to dig out of.
A howl over coyotes
When wild neighbors adapt to suburban life, communities must find ways to cope.
Why they couldn't tame Copper Falls
Spectacular falls and verdant cliffs are a lovely remnant of the wheeling and dealing that busted business, but left a scenic state park.
Wisconsin state parks — 100 years young
Join the fun as we celebrate a century of outdoor relaxation at state parks, trails and forests.
The bait debate
Feeding deer and hunting near baited areas raises health, safety and ethical concerns that the Deer 2000 study is sorting out.
Wisconsin Traveler
Let there be light!

Cover of October 1999 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 1999

Green treasures in a sea of blue
Botanists are combing Lake Michigan's isles to inventory the vegetation and discover rare plants.
A twisted tale
Horsehair worms appeared from nowhere and posed a tangled history of mystery.
Indian summer
When summer blows one last warm breath across an autumn day, it's time to finish those outdoor chores and have a little fun before winter comes to stay.
The learning trees
School forests serve as outdoor classrooms, research labs, wild repositories and springboards for future caring adults.
A wet report card
New reports annually evaluate the quality of drinking water and describe how customers can tap into information about their public water supply.
On the trail of Snake Creek
A school assignment spawned a community project and a beautiful natural attraction.
A slow crossing to winter
The woolly bear's stripes don't predict cold weather, but we know what makes its coat change color.
Wisconsin Traveler
Ride the rails to appreciate Wisconsin's fall color this year.
Special Insert:
Resourceful & vigilant
How wardens safeguard and enhance outdoor experiences.

Cover of August 1999 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 1999

Lithe lumber
When twigs twitch, they may be walking sticks.
Taking the Great River's pulse
Assessing the health of the Upper Mississippi means drawing a lot of samples from Ol' Man River.
The secret smallmouth lake in the U.P.
Dave Crehore tells the tale of a grand fishing misadventure.
Meet the disjuncts
Plants from far-away places find congenial corners of habitat in Wisconsin.
Help yourself to cleaner lakes
Volunteers in the Self-Help Lake Monitoring Program take it upon themselves to see how their lakes measure up.
Campfire recipes
Add a pinch of variety to your campside cuisine with these recipes contributed by our readers.
The Crystal Lake pump
The family never unpacked the memories of "the summer vacation.".
Wisconsin Traveler
Hone your outdoor skills at the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoors Festival in Oshkosh.
Special Insert:
Groundwater: Protecting Wisconsin's buried treasure
A collection of articles about managing Wisconsin's valuable groundwater resource.

Cover of June 1999 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 1999

Burned by wild parsnip
Sun-induced burns from a common weed stump medical professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.
Big plans for a little butterfly
The public/private partnership to protect the tiny Karner blue butterfly covers more land than any conservation plan in the nation.
Pelicans' feast
The once-scarce pouched birds now dine in greater numbers at the Mississippi River's bountiful table.
A clarion bugle across Badgerland
There's a growing call to bring back elk to several areas of Wisconsin.
The only cure for an infestation of ants is more knowledge.
Panfish 101
Fishing tips and techniques to get you started on a summer of outsmarting perch, crappies and bluegills.
The buzz on cicada
It's a short season in the sun for the cicada.
Wisconsin Traveler
Dreams come alive in the whimsical folk sculptures of farmer Nick Engelbert.
Special Insert:
The quiet forests
A collection of articles examining how private woodlands improve the quality of life in Wisconsin.

Cover of April 1999 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 1999

Dockside hunters
Fishing spiders stalk prey on land, on water and below the surface.
A meditation on winter giving way to spring.
Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't
Deciding to maintain or remove aging dams has many owners weighing costs, public safety and the character of their communities.
A liking for March
A contrary month has an admirer in Central Wisconsin.
Thinkin' like a gobbler
Tips and tactics to talk turkey and bring in toms in springtime.
Readers Write
Your letters to the editor.
Wisconsin Traveler
Wisconsin's Point of Beginning.

Cover of February 1999 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 1999

Lightning-fast licensing
A new system for issuing licenses, permits and passes is your quick ticket to outdoor adventure.
A Tale of 150 winters
Bur oaks stand the test of time.
Leaves on ice
The last outing of the ice-fishing season took an artful turn.
Celestial shimmer
The northern lights are crackling in a sky near you.
Winter romance
Great horned owls spark on frigid nights.
Good value, just compensation
As lands are bought for public use and taken off the tax rolls, a host of programs keep the costs from rolling onto your tax bill.
Winged sand dancers
A guide to Wisconsin's prime dancing grounds for watching sharp-tailed grouse.
Readers Write
Your letters to the editor.
Wisconsin Traveler
A choice weekend.