Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

1997 Contents

Cover of December 1997 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 1997

Creature comforts
Your stories of the beasties, bats and bugs that crawled their way into your hearth, if not heart.
Where there's smoke, there's ire
A passion for the environment finally may be sparked as residents of Southeast Asia endure months of grey skies and choking air.
Uncertain danger
The delicate workings of the body's internal messengers may be disrupted by chemical exposure, but scientists are unsure if changes in animals signal problems for people
A hunter in winter white
Don't be fooled by the snowy owl's sleepy looks. This sharp-eyed raptor can spot prey at any hour of the day or night.
That perfect tree
Christmas trees can be grown "greener" if the buying public will accept them or seek them out.
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Wisconsin Traveler
Chill out – it's winter!
Special Insert:
Preserving the Good Life
How the Department of Natural Resources works with you to better Wisconsin.

Cover of October 1997 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 1997

A meander through the Big Chip
The Chippewa Flowage, a watery northern maze of islands and floating bogs, beckons anglers and wildlife watchers in search of the finest nature can offer.
Steadfast to the ABC's of EE
There's controversy in teaching environmental education, but in Wisconsin there's commitment to stay the course. Find out what teachers are doing to ensure students know their place in the world.
The practical grouse hunter
A compendium of advice to pursue ruffed grouse and learn to love the chase.
A charming fall bloomer
Witch hazel refreshes the fall landscape.
Operating with a new attitude
Prompted by a new state rule, hospitals and other health care businesses are learning to manage medical waste with surgical precision.
Borderline beauty
A land gift on our northeastern boundary preserves a wild riverside.
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Wisconsin Traveler
Follow fall bird migrations at these excellect viewing sites around the state.

Cover of August 1997 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 1997

Aiming for the straight and true
Aspiring archers learn to draw with skill and confidence in DNR bowhunter education courses.
You've got to have friends
Friends groups create and enhance amenities at state parks, trails, forests, wildlife and recreation areas.
Summertime chorus
It's three a.m. Do you know where your earplugs are?
Join the club
In its first year, the "Hooked on Wisconsin" Anglers' Club catches on.
Sending the right signal
It's not easy to figure out when you are welcome on public land.
More than tending timber
They had a vision, made a plan and stuck to it. Now, 15 years later, this Wisconsin couple has been named the nation's top tree farmers.
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Wisconsin Traveler
Tour northern Wisconsin by boat!
Take a Fall in Wisconsin
Let the state Division of Tourism help you plan an autumn outing.

Cover of June 1997 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 1997

June is for bluegills
A lazy summer morning is the time to grab the cane pole and go 'gillin.
Learning on Ol' Man River
Summer workshops open life on the Mississippi to teachers and their students.
The quiet projects
Lesser-known species and habitats get the attention they deserve when a federal grant program brings groups together to break the silence.
Tune into the Turtle Flambeau Flowage
A near-wilderness of fish, osprey, woods and water preserves the wild character of Wisconsin's Northwoods.
Angling for wigglers, worms & hoppers
How to bag the baits fish will bite.
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Wisconsin Traveler
Take a farm tour today!
Special Insert:
On the water
Take to the water with confidence – and caution

Cover of April 1997 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 1997

A call from above
The killdeer's loud cry and "busted wing" act make for a shoreline floor show.
A sense of space
Visit a long, low wilderness in the midst of thick green forest.
Awakening the Kickapoo Reserve
The beauty, natural resources and cultural treasures of the Kickapoo River and valley are key to its future.
Root River steelheads
Try this scene in racine for hot spring angling.
North, south, east and westward, ho!
No less than 43 ways to enjoy a day trip in the field with DNR staff.
Making the weedline work for your lake
Bluegills and bass can thrive where weeds are selectively cut.
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Wisconsin Traveler
Tour the Mississippi River on two wheels!
Special Insert:
Forecasting fishing hot spots
Highlighting the best bets for good fishing throughout the year.

Cover of February 1997 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 1997

Winter weasel watch
A determined ermine will never be bested by a mere red squirrel.
The long view from Little Lakes
Excerpts and insights from a keen outdoor observer.
Caged, penned, swapped and sold
Keeping an eye on the people and enterprises that capture and keep wild animals.
Talon show
Profiles of Wisconsin's high-flying hawks.
On the table
What good do you get from license fees? Plenty!
The beast within
Tell us how wild animals got into your home and how you got them out.
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Wisconsin Traveler
Icescape to Appleton!