Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

1996 Contents

Cover of December 1996 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 1996

The nature of cones
Pick up a pine cone and let the mysteries hidden by the shingle-like scales unfold.
On the prowl
Free-ranging cats are pouncing on songbird populations.
A magnificent mile
Stretch your legs at a new coastal hotspot.
A hundred years of Wisconsin weather
Keeping track as the weather turned mild and wild.
The holiday tree
How an Arbor Day seedling achieved star status.
The cane maker
An accident turns into an artful discovery
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Wisconsin Traveler
Frozen frogs and a nice warm goat.
Special Insert:
Nature's example
Learning through ecosystem management.

Cover of October 1996 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 1996

A bear-raising experience
It isn't easy bringing up youngsters that were born to be wild.
hunters, take a bow
Wisconsin archers have enjoyed one of fall's most sporting challenges for more than 60 years.
On the back burner no more
A Wisconsin community recently reclaimed a part of itself after a long struggle with hazardous waste. Other towns and cities can do the same.
The buzz season
It's a regular hornet's nest out there!
Memories of the grey dawn club
A hunting shack story paints a picture of a time and the place.
Paint the town with WAVes
Community groups are leaving a mark for a cleaner environment.
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Wisconsin Traveler
It's olliebollen for everybody!

Cover of August 1996 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 1996

Hog-nosed ham
Expect an Oscar-winning performance when the hognose snake takes center stage.
Talking trails
The new signs on Wisconsin's state park nature trails have many tales to tell.
Forging Their own way
Women who want to hunt and fish are teaching each other the necessary outdoor skills.
How deer to Wisconsin?
Whitetails – are they "hooved rats" or a cherished symbol of nature? Find out how the deer herd changes the cultural and physical landscape.
Scaling the heights of fashion
Try your hand at fish-printing to leave a lasting impression of a fishing expedition.
Sleeping in a tent
Ah, the days when the backyard tent was a summer refuge.
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Wisconsin Traveler
Cash in on some cheap skills when Outdoor Skills Day '96 offers free workshops at selected state parks.

Cover of June 1996 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 1996

Sun seekers
Bask vicariously in the lush life of a painted turtle.
Battling Waterborne bugs
Cryptosporidium, giardia and other disease-causing bugs can turn drinking water into a health hazard. What's being done to protect water supplies from these microscopic nuisances?
Trout on the rocks
Wild lake trout find refuge on a stony Lake Superior shoal with a little help from fisheries biologists.
Where painted ladies lunch and emperors dine
Butterflies and caterpillars pick and choose the most savory tidbits from a smorgasbord of flowers, shrubs, grasses and trees. Try growing their favorite plants in your garden.
Trying to keep the customer satisfied
The Department of Natural Resources reorganizes to provide more efficient, customer-friendly service statewide.
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Wisconsin Traveler
Go wild with Buffalo Bill and the Congress of Rough Riders at the Wade House Stagecoach Inn Historical Site near Greenbush.
Special Insert:
Need a litte RE-charge? Test your RE-flex
A quiz that challenges you to RE-new your commitment to a cleaner environment.

Cover of April 1996 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 1996

Extending the credit line
Anglers have always known that Wisconsin is a great state to fish. With a new award program, they can show everyone just how good it is – and they are.
Going afield
Join the people who work in our wetlands, prairies, parks and forests on their daily rounds.
All about amphibians
Whether collecting eggs, or looking under logs for wrigglers and hoppers, it's fun to poke around the pond for frogs, toads and salamanders.
What is it about the wet mucky stuff that prompts both man and bird to bay?
A gentle sign of spring
The lovely pasque flower.
On the trail of toxics
Two inventories can help you track how chemicals are moved and released in your community.
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Wisconsin Traveler
Take a ride on our rustic roads.
Special Insert:
Between sky and shore
Wisconsin's coastal wetlands.

Cover of February 1996 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 1996

Critter condos
Properly handled, dead wood on your land can provide a big boost to life.
Genes make all the difference
The secrets to successful stocking in natural lakes and streams lie deep within a fish's DNA.
Taking the initiative
How the people of northern Wisconsin and the DNR took a fresh look at the future of a special region.
A moving statement
With an Endangered Resources license plate, you can speak on behalf of Wisconsin's flora and fauna.
Wisconsin's prickly rodent
The misunderstood porcupine is a boon to the Northwoods.
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Wisconsin Traveler
Visit a powWOW!
Special Insert:
The forest where we live
Caring for trees in towns and cities.