Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2017 Contents

Cover of December 2017 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2017

Eagle encounters on the Fox
Open waters of the Fox River Valley provide prime areas for winter viewing.
Tunnel vision
Innovative collaboration helps to improve motorist safety and protect turtles from highway harm.
Driven by memories
Deer hunting unites brothers through the years and beyond.
Managing for woodland diversity
At Brule River State Forest, foresight and planning today will reap benefits a century from now.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Back in the day
Recipes and memories
Keeping it wild: Outdoor food and forays
Venison cooking made easy
Wisconsin Traveler
Activities remain ample as winter gets underway.
Wisconsin, naturally
Mecan Springs State Natural Area.
Special Inserts
Friends of Wisconsin State Parks 2018 Calendar
Knock, knock. Whooo's there?
Natural Heritage Conservation Program 2017 Annual Report

Cover of October 2017 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2017

Tracing Sandhill to its roots
How Wallace and Hazel Grange built a legacy of preservation in central Wisconsin.
A tribute to wetland management
Sandhill's boundless wildlife is no accident.
Aim for an antlerless state of mind
When it comes to deer management, every hunter plays a role.
First hunt far from ordinary
Sense of gratitude prevails after sharing in amazing outing.
Pure beauty of the brook trout
Only pristine streams can support this special species.
Bucking a thorny invader
Take time this fall to tackle that hostile 'wall of buckthorn.'
Public access pays big dividends
Opening private lands for public activity creates a win-win for owners and users alike.
From ashes to diversity
Throughout the state, urban forests provide a bounty of benefits.
Back in the day
Wartime shortages made every shot count.
Wisconsin Traveler
Striking fall color tours take shape in many ways.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Keeping it wild: Outdoor food and forays
No-fail duck and goose cooking
Wisconsin, naturally
Eagle Eye State Natural Area

Cover of August 2017 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2017

Minding our monarchs
Concern and care for these beautiful butterflies will help keep the species going strong.
Village earns monarch crown
Retired teachers net recognition for butterfly efforts.
Roadmap to revitalized Green Lake
Cooperation among several groups produces a plan to aid the aging beauty.
Big on bobcats
Tracking program assists research on the state's growing population.
To catch a crayfish
High school biology students learn hands-on lessons while helping their local ecosystem.
Duo plans walk on waters
Great Lakes are focus of effort for outreach and awareness.
Master woods worker
Lance Olson logs 30-plus years as Peninsula State Park's lumberjack.
Triumph for wild turkeys
Reintroduction came three decades ago to Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit.
Angling for summer catfish
In the dog days of August, when other fish ske-daddle, consider fishing for cats.
Freshwater monsters
Lake sturgeon on hook and line
Confessions of a 'river keeper'
Longtime science teacher takes leading role in restoration of Weister Creek.
Keeping it wild: Outdoor food and forays.
Panfish pleasures
Back in the day
Road trip revival
Wisconsin Traveler
Get ready to roll with biking events statewide.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback
Wisconsin, naturally
Kissick Alkaline Bog Lake State Natural Area

Cover of June 2017 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2017

A century of scenic grandeur
Wyalusing celebrates 200 years of incredible views and bountiful recreation.
Still feeling the burn
A wild parsnip warrior revisits the nasty invasive, just in time for its warm-weather return.
Survivors and silver linings
White-nose syndrome takes a heavy toll on bats but spurs research and protections to aid recovery.
Waters run deep at Lake Wazee
What began as an iron mine is now a popular county park.
Fifty years of hunter safety
Wisconsin's emphasis on education dates back five decades, evolving with the times to keep the sport safer.
Stemming the tide
Study shows no increase in spread of aquatic invasive species.
It's elk country once more
Herd settles in at Black River State Forest.
The Fish and Wildlife Account Report
Tackling the funding gap
Keeping it wild: Outdoor food and forays
Trout demystified
Back in the day
When trees met rivers, battles ensued.
Wisconsin Traveler
List of parks to conquer makes for happy hopping.
Readers Write
Sharing readers' photos and feedback.
Wisconsin, naturally
Red Cedar Lake State Natural Area

Cover of April 2017 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2017

Unleash your wild side
Explore the best of Wisconsin on a Natural Resources Foundation Field Trip.
The wonder of the Dunes
Woodland Dunes Nature Center on Lake Michigan is a mix of globally significant habitats.
The Wren-i-gade!
How science, teamwork and standing up to a bully made a middle school group the bluebird's best pal — for life.
Greener pastures
Conservation grazing on public land is a win-win for both ranchers and wildlife managers.
Hilda, the unmuffled grouch
An unusual backyard visitor won this family's heart.
Learning rooted in place
Place-based learning connects kids to the natural world.
Keeping it wild: Outdoor food and forays
Talking turkey, from field to fork.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Back in the day.
All that remains
Wisconsin, naturally
Bradley Creek Swamp Conifers State Natural Area

Special Inserts

2017 Wisconsin Fishing Forecast

Cover of February 2017 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2017

Picturing Wisconsin lighthouses
Wisconsin lighthouses paint amazing portraits throughout the year.
Preserving pine relicts a prescription for good health
Mary Kay Baum tackles health challenges and garlic mustard.
Opening the door to lifelong opportunities
Envirothon program teaches conservation through competition.
A peek beneath the surface
Wisconsin geology reveals interesting history.
Helping themselves, helping their tribes, helping the environment
It's not just about the money for participants in the summer tribal youth program.
The North American conservation model
A unique tradition in need of an update
Wonders crystallize through the ages
Grandfather Falls ice castles may be a thing of the past.
Keeping it wild: Outdoor food and forays
'Sconnie chowdah? You betcha!
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Back in the day
Bear in the hole
Wisconsin Traveler
Shadows of a Cambrian shoreline
Wisconsin, naturally
Foulds Creek State Natural Area

Special Insert

Groundwater: Powering Wisconsin's Economy