Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2016 Contents

Cover of December 2016 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2016

In search of winter
Backpacking into a frozen land
Let it snow
"Panhandle hooks" bring the white stuff perfect for packing.
Choose wisely
DNR offers an "eating your catch" guide.
A greater clarity
Unprecedented citizen actions led to a cleaner, clearer Deer Lake.
A world beneath the ice
Aquatic greenery thrives, even in the white season.
Wolf song
Hikers were serenaded on a crystal-cold moonlit night more than a half-century ago.
Rewards of a little cabin in the woods
Every season has a story.
The great pretender
The hog-nosed snake is famous for putting on a good show.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Back in the day
A man of his time
Wisconsin Traveler
Winter - indoors and out.
Wisconsin, naturally
Catfish Eddy Terraces State Natural Area.
Special Inserts
Friends of Wisconsin State Parks 2017 Calendar
Conserving Wisconsin's Natural Heritage Together
Natural Heritage Conservation Program 2016 Annual Report

Cover of October 2016 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2016

First deer
Times two.
Urban coyotes
What Wisconsin cities are doing to help citizens understand and coexist with them.
The state of North America's birds (in Wisconsin)
A picture of accomplishments and work ahead.
A graceful touchdown
The cranes of Crex Meadows.
Winter building
Enjoy getting "Leopold benched."
It's worth the punishment
When the pursuit of a big buck leads to a clearer vision, rather than venison.
Hunting and conservation go hand in hand
So says DNR's director of wildlife management.
An aerie of eagles
Each fall for the last decade, hundreds of bald eagles have flocked to Lake Onalaska to feast on waterfowl killed by invasive exotic species.
One man's Wisconsin odyssey
This cyclist prefers fat tires and back roads.
Back in the day
Hunt from a bygone era.
Wisconsin Traveler
Museum madness.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Keeping it wild: Outdoor food and forays
Great things in small packages.
Wisconsin, naturally
Portland Maples State Natural Area

Cover of August 2016 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2016

Get the picture with Snapshot Wisconsin
DNR's newest volunteer opportunity will help track and monitor wildlife populations.
Native plant gardening
It's for the birds (and bees and butterflies).
The science behind the "so-called" super weed
Recent studies help to understand the effects of Eurasian watermilfoil on Wisconsin lakes.
Getting to know the gray ghosts
Northern harriers rule the day flying low and hunting over fields and marsh.
Golden events
Three Wisconsin State Park gems celebrate 50th anniversaries this summer.
Restoring a favorite boyhood haunt
Reclaiming rare landscapes and a connection to John Muir.
Thinking outside the bin
Schools around Wisconsin are closing the compost loop.
Maybe it starts with just one
But what happens when one plastic bag becomes 100 billion?
Hunting without harvest
Try "hunting" with a camera, pen, notebook or even your memory.
Keeping it wild: Outdoor food and forays.
The birds of summer.
Back in the day
Wild about honey.
Wisconsin Traveler
Crex Meadows wraps up the fall season.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback
Wisconsin, naturally
St. Peter's Dome State Natural Area.

Cover of June 2016 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2016

Let's make healthy lakes together!
Lakeshore property owners improve habitat and water quality with simple and inexpensive projects.
Clean Boats, Clean Waters
Citizens making a difference for 11 years.
A boatload of volunteers
Wisconsin's Citizen Lake Monitoring Network celebrates 30 years.
Beetles are winning the battle against purple loosestrife
It's a biocontrol success story that needs you.
A war on water lettuce
How community and multi-agency action eradicated this aquatic invasive.
How scientists are using DNA to discover invasives.
Happy birthday national parks
Let's get outdoors and celebrate America's best idea.
Bringing northerns back to Green Bay
Overcoming impediments to migration and spawning yields surprising results.
Kid fishing
It's all about the attitude.
The 2-year tom
Spring turkey hunting turns into a quest for one man's white whale.
Teeing up great photos
Great horned owlets are found nesting near the 9th hole.
And the award goes to...
Communities are leading the way to recycling excellence.
Keeping it wild: Outdoor food and forays
Savor the fruits of your labor.
Back in the day
Memories of Camp Meenahga.
Wisconsin Traveler
Hops meet history at the Potosi Brewery.
Readers Write
Sharing readers' photos and feedback.
Wisconsin, naturally
Grandma Lake Wetlands State Natural Area

Special Inserts

Planning our conservation future
Partnerships are key to preserving and enhancing our outdoor heritage and traditions.

Cover of April 2016 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2016

There's so much to explore in Wisconsin!
Get started with the Natural Resources Foundation field trips.
Connecting people to the wonders of Wisconsin
Natural Resources Foundation celebrates 30 years of partnership with the DNR.
The Great Wisconsin Birdathon
From your backyard.
Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey
Thirty-five years of monitoring in Wisconsin.
Ecological treasures
Wisconsin is home to wetlands of international importance.
Drawing the future of conservation
Statewide poster contest gives students the opportunity to learn about conservation through a new medium.
Teach a girl to hunt
You may have a hunting partner for life.
iPhone, iPad, ISurrender
Technology on a turkey hunt.
Sparse and special
Red Banks Alvar State Natural Area hosts rare species.
Chick fight
In this battle, just about anything goes.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Back in the day.
When travel trailers were put to the test.
Wisconsin Traveler
The great Northwoods adventure.
Wisconsin, naturally
Wedde Creek Savanna State Natural Area

Special Inserts

2016 Wisconsin Fishing Forecast

Cover of February 2016 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2016

DNR is helping you Go Wild in Wisconsin
New licensing system offers more products and greater convenience.
Conservation Patrons speak out
Survey results tell of favorite outdoor pastimes.
100 years of international bird conservation
Celebrating the Migratory Bird Treaty.
It's a natural playground for people of all ages
But Havenwoods State Forest has a heck of a history.
Winnebago ice magic
A sturgeon season for the storybooks.
2016 Wisconsin hunting and trapping seasons
Hatching a plan
A new pheasant hatchery keeps alive an old tradition.
Finding Leopold
Take time to read a classic in the field.
Lured back in
A welcome return to fishing.
A seat at the table
Youth Conservation Congress helps young people preserve Wisconsin's outdoor tradition.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Back in the day
Helping to tame the wilds of Wisconsin's Northwoods.
Wisconsin Traveler
Discover the Two Creeks Buried Forest bed of Lake Michigan.
Wisconsin, naturally
Little Bear Hemlocks State Natural Area

Special Insert

2014-2015 Fish and Wildlife Account Annual Report