Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2015 Contents

Cover of December 2015 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2015

From coal mines to jack pines
The revitalization of Wisconsin's elk reintroduction effort.
The forefather of the State Natural Areas System
Cliff Germain walks the talk of preserving unique and pristine properties.
Sixty-plus years of deer hunting
The results are stories and lots of sausage from the best deer hunting land in the world.
Deer done right
Advice for no-fail burgers, steaks and roasts.
A bird in the hand
Pheasants abound on public lands.
Northern invasion
A winter wonderland of hawks and owls.
Taking time to look around
A camera triggers an appreciation for Wisconsin wildlife.
What to know before you go
Snowmobile trail passes, fees, public-use registration and commercial certificate changes are in effect.
A great walk in the unspoiled woods
A boy and his best friend ruffle a ruffed grouse on a new snow morning.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Back in the day
Poynette native recalls his unusual part-time job at the State Game Farm 72 years ago.
Wisconsin Traveler
Exploring Marinette County's winter waterfalls.
Wisconsin, naturally
Ableman's Gorge State Natural Area.
Special Inserts
Friends of Wisconsin State Parks 2016 Calendar
Conserving Wisconsin's Natural Heritage Together
Natural Heritage Conservation Program 2015 Annual Report

Cover of October 2015 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2015

Talon a great story
Bald eagle license plate celebrates a comeback and raises funding for endangered resources.
Adopt a Fish and Wildlife Area program
Take a hands-on approach to improve your favorite property.
Swan songs
Migration stops on the Mississippi offer a rare chance to hear and see these stars.
MOHEE, Yippee!
Students, educators and conservation partner enthusiasm for Midwest Outdoor Heritage Education Expo 2015 means record success at MacKenzie Center.
A buck in the balsams
How one deer showed the author the difference between harvesting and hunting, and why he now prefers the latter.
The beauty of Barkhausen
Celebrating 60 years of waterfowl refuge and recreation in Brown County.
Taking good ideas from rural Wisconsin
A statewide urban forest inventory is underway for communities big and small.
A decade of partnerships takes shape
Ten years into Green Tier, Placon plastics is a shining example of companies going beyond compliance and building business value.
A portrait of a giant in wildlife management
William F. Grimmer defined a profession that is a cornerstone to Wisconsin's natural resources management.
A fantastic fishing tale
Wisconsin teens land a rare paddlefish.
Back in the day
A controlled hunt from 70 years ago provides a lesson for modern wildlife managers.
Wisconsin Traveler
Heritage Hill State Park, with its own greens and golds, is Green Bay's other hallowed destination.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
What's cooking?
Red wine marinated venison steaks
Wisconsin, naturally
Keller Whitcomb Creek Woods State Natural Area

Cover of August 2015 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2015

The fine art of state parks
DNR landscape architects leave their mark.
Back in the day
Historic Horicon Marsh decoy collection set to draw flocks of visitors.
Cock-full of grainy goodness
DNR historic images live again online.
The start of the hunt, the start of a tradition
Don't wait to get started grouse hunting.
Wastewater collection lagoons get a new life
Fall River project is favorable for nature walks and waterfowl.
Six decades of deer hunting
More memories than deer but that's OK.
There's no better place to hunt turkeys
Take the Wisconsin Slam challenge.
A rare, rare chicken
Buena Vista Marsh turns out brunettes and a blond.
A white pine eulogy
History and hard work create a beautiful and welcoming legacy.
Providing a helping hand to private woodland owners
Wisconsin's Private Woodland Owners work on a local level.
Wisconsin Traveler
The good old days of Wisconsin come to life.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback
Wisconsin, naturally
Maiden Rock Bluff State Natural Area
Special Inserts
Back to the future
Hunting for local sustainable food

Cover of June 2015 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2015

Celebrating a half century of rail trails
Fifty years ago Wisconsin blazed a trail that started a nationwide movement.
A centennial year for DNR aviation
A time to celebrate DNR pilots who serve critical, life-saving roles.
And the winners are...
"Focus on Wildlife" contest reminds us to take photos but leave wildlife in the wild.
Jumping worms
There's a new creepy-crawly in Wisconsin.
Bee aware
Wisconsin pollinators are critical to the economy and Wisconsin landscape.
Peninsula State Park pollinators
A garden is a welcome waystation for monarchs.
Showing a passion for Wisconsin's wild places
There's a growing partnership to tackle the task of caring for State Natural Areas.
Loon language
The hidden meaning behind the loon's iconic calls.
Mushrooms galore
Ephemeral delicacies from Wisconsin's third kingdom.
Where history and nature meet
Cave of the Mounds: The story of a Wisconsin treasure.
Simply fishing
Respect for the rowboat and grandpa.
Bluebirds brought them together
The result is a nature center in southwest Wisconsin with a focus on the future.
Dive into the Secchi Dip–In
Volunteers collaborate on North American Water Clarity Project.
Back in the day
The world's first forest patrol flight.
Wisconsin Traveler
From ice to water. The living history of Horicon Marsh.
Readers Write
Sharing readers'photos and feedback.
Wisconsin, naturally
Inch Lake State Natural Area

Special Inserts

The Symbol Sleuths [PDF 4.10MB]
The Symbol Sleuths
Target Poster [PDF 4.06 MB]
Target Poster

Cover of April 2015 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2015

Get up close to wildlife and experience the wild life on a field trip
The Natural Resources Foundation has fun for all ages on tap.
A springtime affair
The return of two geese signals a new season.
A Tree-mendous transformation
Young forest partnership fulfills an erstwhile wish.
Bison and butterflies
A "Beauty and the Beast" tale.
Celebrating Earth Day heroes every day
Finding inspiration in those who loved the land.
2015 Wisconsin Hunting and Trapping Seasons
Get Your Regulations Faster!
Finding hope under the surface
Underwater photography educates, inspires and heals troubled teens.
Mississippi River monitoring
A story in long–term teamwork
The Flambeau River State Forest
A diamond in the rough in any season.
Wisconsin's newest island destination
History and nature combine for a plum of an isle.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Back in the day.
Early efforts to slow the wind helped conserve soil.
Wisconsin Traveler
Long day's journey into flight.
Wisconsin, naturally
Hogback Prairie State Natural Area

Special Inserts

The Wisconsin Fishing Report Spring 2015 [PDF 4.73 MB]
The Wisconsin Fishing Report
Preventing Wildfires [PDF 4.4 KB]
Surviving wildfire by adapting to it
Know Before You Go: [PDF 2.17 MB]
Prepare for safe boating in Wisconsin.

Cover of February 2015 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2015

Toughening it out when the temperatures drop
Toughening it out when the temperatures drop
A photographic pilgrimage in the coldest of days
Apostle Islands' ice caves captured on camera.
A river, a kayak, a friend
Adventures on the Willow Flowage and Tomahawk River are better together
When the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway calls
He answers with 180 miles of solo paddling in an aluminum canoe.
Digging Irma Hill and the Krukowski Quarry
Sites in north central Wisconsin hold a treasure of rare Precambrian fossils.
A historic bird survey
Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II will be the largest avian citizen science project ever in the state.
What we cherish the most
Fueling the Cherish Wisconsin Outdoors Fund.
Wisconsin's Deer Management Assistance Program
Benefitting wildlife, habitat and people.
Fox (Illinois) River Summit is a start
Partners define problems, determine opportunities and find solutions.
An unlikely discovery
A covert cabin leaves a lasting impression.
Trading ruffed grouse for wild turkey
A historic exchange that has hunters smiling today.
Anatomy of a wetland restoration
Build it and they will come.
Readers Write
Readers' photos and feedback.
Back in the day
Wisconsinís deep–freeze winters are perfect for sports powered by varying sources — from wind and muscle to petroleum.
Wisconsin Traveler
The American Birkebeiner: A Wisconsin classic.
Wisconsin, naturally
Johnson Hill Kame State Natural Area

Special Inserts

Walleye and Wisconsin [PDF 4.58MB]
A Great Combination Gets Better
Fish and Wildlife [PDF 823 KB]
2013—2014 Fish and Wildlife Account Annual Report