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Men holding fish they caught © Michael Bradley

Submitted by Michael Bradley

June 2014

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Iím a recent Wisconsin transplant from Washington state, familiar with salmon, steelhead and rainbow trout fishing in the Puget Sound region. Fatherís Day 2013 was my first experience fishing Lake Michigan. I didnít know what to expect except I had read the fishery resource in the lake was prized and healthy. Our charter, Dumper Dan, accesses Lake Michigan through the sediment laden waters of the Sheboygan River. The water quality difference upon reaching the clear water of Lake Michigan was almost startling. Our chartered service was excellent from rods and reels to radio communications with other boats and fish cleaning. Unlike Puget Sound where live bait is used, all of our fish were caught with lures. Downriggers with electric motors and lures trailed at varying depths, 30 to 100 feet were the order of the day. The fishing action seemed to go in spurts with an occasional two fish on at once. The existence of few other fishing boats in our vicinity created low fishing pressure. My party was pleased to find plentiful Coho and king salmon along with steelhead and lake trout. The fish management practices on the lake are obviously a success. The largest fish caught in my party was a 22-pound king salmon hooked at a depth of 100 feet. This king took 40 minutes to land due to numerous hard runs from the boat after close reel-ins. No seasickness. The catch was grilled and had excellent flavor. Overall, great weather, companions and accommodations marked our day. The experience has created a fervent desire to get my own boat complete with downriggers so I can continue to enjoy outstanding Lake Michigan fishing.

Michael Bradley


Ever since I was little, I wanted to go hunting with my dad. I remember seeing his face when he got back with a deer and he looked happy. Finally, in 2009 I asked my dad if he could take me hunting with him and he did. That experience was the best experience of my life. Even though my dad didnít shoot anything that year I had fun with him.

The next year – 2010 – I saw a flyer announcing that there was a deer hunter safety course. I took it home and my dad explained to me what it was. My dad said I could take the course since safety comes first. I took the class and got a 99 percent on the test. My dad was so proud.

That year the law was changed so that you could start hunting when you turned 10 and lucky for me I turned 10 that year. My dad got me my first hunting license and I remember being so excited to see my name on the license. That year I went hunting with my dad where he works. There is a woods there and he got permission for us to hunt on it. It was a junk yard with a creek to the left of where we had our stand. There also was a factory behind our stand and it had a tree line with a cornfield beyond that.

The first time I saw a deer out there, my heart stopped and my adrenaline started to pump. My dad put me in the right position and then I put the sights right behind the deerís leg. BOOM! I shot and the deer ran about 20 yards before stumbling down to the creek where we retrieved it. We brought it home and skinned it and my mom was so happy for me.

The next year wasnít as exciting because I didnít get a deer but it was still fun. To me I enjoy being with my dad and all of the fun times we have out in the woods because there are a lot of animals to watch. There are always birds, turkey and chipmunks. Every year we get two bags of jerky to eat when we are hunting.

Last year I was at my friend Ryanís house when my dad called me to come home. He said he had a present for me. Ryan and I raced to my house. I walked into our garage where my dad stood next to my present ó a grayish-white camouflage Diamondback bow. I had always wanted to bow hunt because gun season is so short.

We got six arrows, broad heads, a trigger and the correct pounds for my bow. I practiced every day for a week with it before I was finally ready. Then my dad took me out hunting. We were in the stand 15 minutes when a doe walked into my view. It went down to eat grass and I shot and got it. My dad helped me drag it to the truck and then we took it home. Instead of processing it, we made homemade jerky.

I canít wait for this yearís hunting season. My goal is to try to get a nice buck. I hope this is just a start and that there are many more good hunting stories to come.

Boy kneeling holding deer © Narcedalia Hernandez

Adan Hernandez


We were on vacation at Siskoís Pine Resort about 15 miles east of Hayward and fishing next to an island when we saw this eagle perched on a dead limb. I picked up my camera and started taking some photos. Then he flew off the perch and I kept shooting. I had no idea what he was doing but he kept getting lower and lower and the rest is history. I was tickled after I looked at my photos.

Bald eagle swooping over water © Mark Elliott

Mark Elliott
La Crosse