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 Sandhill Cranes out for a stroll © Michael Knapstein

"Sunday Stroll".
© Michael Knapstein

June 2013

"Focus on Wildlife" photo contest

And the winners are...

Brooke Lewis

Dane County Humane Society’s Four Lakes Wildlife Center is a state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation center in Madison that cares for the ill, injured and orphaned wildlife in south central Wisconsin, and promotes education and awareness of the crucial role of wildlife in our community.

The program was founded in 2002 by David Madden, former animal care director at DCHS, and Patrick Comfert, a local licensed wildlife rehabilitator. In the inaugural season, the fledgling wildlife program received over 200 patients.

Cooper's Hawk © Joleen Griffin
"Cooper's Hawk in Falling Snowflackes".
©Joleen Griffin

After the first summer’s influx of wildlife, the program began recruiting volunteers to help care for the wildlife patients that found their way through the doors daily. Grants and donations helped to make many improvements possible during the second year, and community volunteers pitched in to help build outdoor cages.

Since then, the wildlife program has grown greatly, caring for a wider variety of animals and caretaker volunteers providing the majority of the animal care.

In 2012, the center admitted over 3,000 wild animals of 109 different species in need of assistance. Each year it sees hundreds of eastern cottontail rabbits, gray squirrels, ducklings and songbirds. The center also cares for hawks, owls, eagles, turtles, herons, gulls, fox, badger, woodchucks, opossum and many other species.

If you find wildlife that you believe is in need of assistance, please call FLWC at (608) 838-0143 ext. 151 before intervening. Each year, hundreds of animals are taken from their home by well-meaning individuals and by calling first, FLWC can help you determine if the animal actually needs your help.

Swan and reflection in water © Carol Spiegal
© Carol Spiegal

This year the center held a photo contest fundraiser called "Focus on Wildlife." Here are the winners.

"Sunday Stroll" by Michael Knapstein "A Sandhill Crane couple and their young colt take a walk down the paved footpath around Tiedeman Pond in Middleton."

"Cooper's Hawk in Falling Snowflakes" by Joleen Griffin "During a snowfall a Cooper’s hawk came and perched on a shepherd’s hook in my backyard. I was able to capture this photo without scaring him away."

"Reflections" by Carol Spiegel "I used to take my camera with me when I walked my dog around Stricker’s Pond. I was intrigued by the reflections in the still water."

Brooke Lewis is a certified veterinary technician, state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and Wildlife Rehabilitation Supervisor at Dane County Humane Society’s Four Lakes Wildlife Center.