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Discover and support Wisconsin's natural places.
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April 2013

Join the Natural Resources Foundation in its 20th year of field trips

Discover and support Wisconsin's natural places.

Maria Sadowski and Christina Tanzer

Discover and support Wisconsinís natural places. From our forests to prairies, marshes to bluffs, and rivers to ravines – and even a small slice of desert – Wisconsin is full of wonderful natural places to explore.

With experts from the Department of Natural Resources as guides, the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin invites you to take a field trip and discover amazing places you never knew existed. Have a whole lot of fun and learn why we are all working together to take care of them.

The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin (NRF)

The Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps secure funding for our stateís highest conservation priorities. It also manages the Wisconsin Conservation Endowment, through which individuals and groups can create permanent funding for the places, species or programs of most concern to them.

This year, the Foundation celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Field Trip Program. Thanks to the Department of Natural Resources and other expert leaders, it has led more than 1,400 trips to every county in the state, and helped more than 30,000 people discover Wisconsinís beautiful natural resources. The trips are often the first step in learning to care for and contribute toward conservation of Wisconsinís public lands, waters and wildlife.

In 2012, the Foundation, its members, and other supporters provided more than $400,000 to conservation in Wisconsin, including funding for State Natural Areas and public lands, rare and endangered species, conservation education and grassroots conservation efforts.

To learn more or to become a member, visit Natural Resources Foundation or call toll-free (866) 264-4096.

Field trips run April through November and offer opportunities for all ages and abilities. You will experience the secrets of Wisconsinís State Parks and State Natural Areas, and often get an up-close look at some of the wildlife found there – our migrating birds, freshwater mussels, bats, butterflies, fish, insects and more.

The Foundation offers 122 field trips this year and only a few are listed in the April 2013 article. Visit Natural Resources Foundation to see them all. Come outdoors and discover Wisconsin with us!

  1. Pick your trips: Trips are color-coded to provide information about physical demands. Each trip has a registration fee listed; some trips are fundraisers to support conservation efforts or have a fee to cover rental equipment. Trips fill quickly, so check the Foundationís website (WisCon servation.org) for current information and trip availability.

  2. Visit WisConservation.org: to become a member and register for field trips Field trips are only open to Natural Resources Foundation members and their guests. But you can become a member – for a special price of just $15 per family – as part of your easy online field trip registration!

    To register, go to WisConservation.org and click on the link for field trips. Enter the passcode Join NRF to receive your discounted membership. You may register for up to four trips and bring up to five guests.

    The online registration system is quick and secure. You will receive an instant email confirming your trip selection. The Foundation does not accept phone or email registrations.

  3. Enjoy your field trips: Approximately two weeks before each of your trips, you will receive an email with details and driving directions. Then itís time to get outdoors and get to know Wisconsin!

Sign up for trips at WisConservation.org

Enter the passcode: Join NRF. Trips will fill fast, so sign up in April for best availability.

Fawn © Ken and Barb Wardius
Help DNR biologists capture and collar fawns on Trip 37.
© Ken and Barb Wardius


Visit the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsinís website at WisConservation.org , call toll-free (866) 264-4096.

Christine Tanzer is the field trip coordinator at the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin.

Maria Sadowski is the director of communications at the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin.