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February 2012

A smart start to kayaking

Thrilling, accessible, family fun – but be prepared.

by Joanne M. Haas

Kayakers have discovered Wisconsin's jamming water playground of 15,000-plus lakes separated by more than 12,600 rivers and streams meandering through some of the nation's most stunning terrain... Read full article

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© Diane SchwartzAfrican savannas and Wisconsin state parks
Outdoor adventures with kids bring curious comparisons.

© Karen Ecklund"Our" birds
Making a Costa Rican connection.

© Jennifer WenzelWisconsin snow birds
Friends of feathers flock together.

© Thomas SenatoriFix a Leak Week
Every drop counts.

© Michael KienitzA state for sturgeon
Restoring an ancient fish species to its ancestral waters.

© Lee FahrneyThe face of Wisconsin hunters
Courting a land ethic.

© Submitted by Luke HickeyA teen hunter's story
Giving thanks to grandpa and the hunting heritage.

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