Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2011 Contents

Cover of December 2011 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2011

A family of foxes
Close encounters of the kit kind.
Cornering chronic wasting disease
Wisconsin's CWD Response Plan aims for a healthy herd.
Mother Nature triumphs
An urban couple confronts neighborhood wildlife and learns a valuable lesson.
Count on it
A bear population estimate based on bait and bones.
Marine Enforcement Unit
Meet DNR's Lake Michigan warden force.
Give in to fish fervor
But chew over this advice before you consume.
Creature Comforts
Social media caters to the pet-minded masses.
Wisconsin Traveler
Embrace the season.
Readers Write
A good grade for Jake.
Wisconsin, naturally
Diamond Roof State Natural Area.

Cover of October 2011 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2011

Banding together
Collecting Canada goose data depends on volunteer determination.
Let's talk hunting
Hunters and nonhunters must put differences aside for conservation.
Locavore, meet hunter
Hunter recruitment takes a new turn to connect young adults with the source of their food.
A gift that spawns Great lake fisheries
The legacy of Bayfield pioneer R.D. Pike.
Wildness incarnate
Sandhill cranes are a conservation success.
Hunting for outdoor photo hints
Composition comes into play in the field.
Creature Comforts
Fleas: Our tiny foes.
Wisconsin Traveler
Autumn festial fare.
Readers Write
Trailcams and conjoined trees.
Wisconsin, naturally
Kettle Moraine Oak Opening State Natural Area.
Special Notice
Hunt. Harvest. Help. [PDF 447KB]
Continue enjoying the Wisconsin tradition of deer hunting and donate extra venison to a local food pantry.

Cover of August 2011 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2011

Beware beetle juice
Asian lady beetles are on the move
Respites for migratory birds
Saving Great Lakes stopover sites.
Jake's journal
Turkey hunting is in this boy's blood.
Shaping a diverse hunting heritage
New communities join Wisconsin's outdoors
Tree stand tumbles
The long road to recovery.
Frog warts, lizard gizzards or eye-of-newt
Which ingredient from Granny's bag might be making a medical breakthrough?
Hidden in plan sight
Highlighting the Norther Highland-American Legion State Forest.
A walk in the park
Fox Valley Tech maps Peninsula State Park.
Creature Comforts
Be our eyes and ears. Help monitor wildlife.
Wisconsin Traveler
Fall adventures.
Readers Write
Your letters to the editor.
Wisconsin, naturally
Ridgeway Pine Relict State Natural Area.

Cover of June 2011 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2011

Weevil warriors
Spotted knapweed control coming on strong.
Devil's Lake State Park centennial
100 years and hundreds of stories.
Growing up
The state nursery system turns 100.
A watershed year
Discover the state of the lakes.
Water conservation and efficiency
More than just turning off the faucet.
Carrying out the mission
Meet DNR's divers.
Creature Comforts
Here's to your health: Enjoy the outdoors but "Leave Wildlife Alone."
Wisconsin Traveler
Sweet summerimte!
Readers Write
Your letters to the editor.
Wisconsin, naturally
Apostle Islands Maritime Cliffs State Natural Area.
Special Insert
Garbage to gardens: Compost grows poster [PDF 3MB]

Cover of April 2011 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2011

Rooms for rent
To attract a houseful of purple martins, pick the right location and follow some tried and true tips.
Explore with the experts
Twenty-nine field trips highlight great outdoor experiences spring through fall throughout Wisconsin.
A trout treasury
Welcome to the good old days of trout fishing.
Savor the hunt and share the experience
A spring turkey hunt is even more exciting when seen through the eyes of a new hunter for the first time.
Changing of the guard
A sturdy old workhorse retires as a new boat gets shipshape and readied for service on Lake Michigan.
Karner blue preservation linked to restoration
Volunteer network offers enthusiasts a personal stake in bringing back barrens.
Creature Comforts
Green lawns and happy pets. Creature Comforts advises to make it safe as pets get back outside.
Wisconsin Traveler
Traveler is cleaning out the cobwebs with down to earth fun.
Readers Write
Your letters to the editor.
Wisconsin, naturally
Wyalusing Hardwood Forest State Natural Area.
Special Insert
Wisconsin Fishing Report 2011
Hot spots for fishing and great projects that make angling more fun.

Cover of February 2011 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2011

Strike force
Deer/car collisions are a fact of life in whitetail country.
A small window for a big opportunity
The big sturgeon are impressive, but it is family, friendships and tradition that bring winter spearers back to the ice each February.
The fading universe
Communities have options to curtail stray night lights and take back a view of the evening sky.
A lifetime of skiing
Cross-country skiing is a great workout and readily accessible on trails, in towns, parks, fields and forests.
Managing our future: Getting ahead of a changing climate
The first reports from working groups of researchers suggest how Wisconsin can adapt to stave off some of the consequences of a warmer world.
Hot picks for cold weather fun
Snow and no crowds make day trips and overnight stays at state parks in winter fun and relaxing.
Creature Comforts
Feeding the flock. Tips and a recipe to draw birds to your feeders this winter.
Wisconsin Traveler
Wisconsin Traveler heads out to races, hikes, a brisk plunge and a fish fry on ice!
Readers Write
Your letters to the editor.
Wisconsin, naturally
Camp Lake and Pines State Natural Area.
Special Inserts
Conservation Patron holders, it's that time. Please renew your licenses. [PDF 1.1MB]
Wisconsin offers a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities. License sales support the programs that make Wisconsin one of the best states for hunting and fishing.
Your investment in Wisconsin's Fish and Wildlife [PDF 3.0MB]
How your license dollars are spent.