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Jake's Journal article

Our August article.

December 2011

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Good grade for Jake's journal

What a great article by Jake Sikora (Jake's journal, August 2011). Very enjoyable and well written. Deserves an A+.

Sharon Czerniak
New Berlin

A four-legged visitor

I took this photo from my house in Amery (Polk County).

Photo of doe

Jack Hayek

NH-AL update

Loved the article by Ted Rulseh on the Northern Highland-American Legion (Hidden in plain sight, August 2011), however, heres a small update. That great little general store west of Sayner on "N" and Razorback Road still has a great variety of reasonably priced "stuff," but they no longer have showers. There are showers just down the road at the Crystal Lake campground. Keep up the good work!

Jim Pieper
Iron Ridge

Nice pose

I took this photo of a dragonfly a few weeks ago at our family cottage in Langlade. He/she posed very nicely for me for about 15 minutes.

Photo of damselfly

Chad E. Goodrich

Thanks for sharing this nice photo, Chad. Actually, this appears to be a female ebony jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata), a species of damselfly. They are in the same order of insects as dragonflies (Odanata), but damselflies are smaller and rest with their wings folded. The female ebony jewelwings have dull brown bodies and smoky wings with white spots near the tips. The males have metallic bluegreen bodies and black wings.

Awesome Learn-to-Hunt Bear event

Photo of young man and bearMy son and I were involved in a Learn to Hunt event in August in Drummond. I would like to let you know what a wonderful program this is. Jill Schartner (Conservation Warden, Drummond) ran a very good program in her area. From the hunter safety weekend to the hunt weekend, she was totally involved. From all the guides/mentors to the taxidermist with cooler space in warm weather and even a get-together for all hunters for a brat fry. The whole area knew what was going on and everybody wished us good luck. My son has been involved in the Learn to Hunt Deer program in Minocqua and said the bear hunt was AWESOME! Thanks for the program.

Larry and Josh Leal

Saving snowmobilers' lives

As snowmobiling season gets underway be aware that many counties use various types of emergency numbering systems to report accidents, improve response time to incidents and help locate lost snowmobilers. Vilas County initiated the program. The DNR Bureau of Community Financial Assistance issues a trail sign handbook that is referenced in state law. Know the emergency response system and trail signage for the county you snowmobile before you sled. For example, Vilas County calls its numbering system TINS (trail intersection numbers). The system was designed through the cooperation of the Vilas County Snowmobile Alliance, which consists of representatives of the 11 functioning snowmobile clubs in the county, and the Vilas County Snowmobile Safety Committee consisting of representatives of county government, the sheriff's department, Department of Natural Resources and snowmobile clubs. If a snowmobiler has an emergency situation, he or she locates the nearest intersection number and calls 911. The snowmobiler then gives the intersection number to the dispatcher and the dispatcher enters the number into their computer system and a map appears with that specific location identified along with the best route for emergency responders to access.

Northern Highland goes hi-tech

Losing yourself in the Northwoods may be a goal you strive for, but a new application for iPhone, iPad and iPod users can help people find trail and other information about the Northern Highland-American Legion Forest, even from remote parts of the forest. The free app was developed in partnership with the North Lakeland Discovery Center in Manitowish Waters and is available through the Discovery Center's website (discoverycenter.net). The app will provide mobile device users some of the three million annual forest visitors with another means of finding their way around the forest and save the state money by printing fewer trail guides. Mobile device users can also connect to the DNR website to view maps and trail information. With sometimes spotty cell phone coverage in the forest, downloading this app before embarking on a forest venture ensures you'll have the information at your fingertips when you need it. Of course, you still might want to slip your trusty compass into your back pocket, just in case. It will still work without charging it up or if you accidentally drop it in the lake.

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