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February 2011

The fading universe

Communities have options to curtail stray night lights and take back a view of the evening sky.

by Kurt Sroka

Twilight waned as the night rose in the east. Acrobatic bats swooped and rolled for insects. My telescope, pointed skyward, was poised for an evening of stargazing...Read full article

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© Audrey PolichniaStrike force
Deer/car collisions are a fact of life in whitetail country.

© Michael KienitzA small window for a big opportunity
The big sturgeon are impressive, but it is family, friendships and tradition that bring winter spearers back to the ice each February.

© Tim SweetA lifetime of skiing
Cross-country skiing is a great workout and readily accessible on trails, in towns, parks, fields and forests.

© Callen HartyManaging our future: Getting ahead of a changing climate
The first reports from working groups of researchers suggest how Wisconsin can adapt to stave off some of the consequences of a warmer world.

Beth MittermaierHot picks for cold weather fun
Snow and no crowds make day trips and overnight stays at state parks in winter fun and relaxing.

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