Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2010 Contents

Cover of December 2010 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2010

Chick-a dee-dee-dee!
Who knew the spirited balck-capped had a quieter chickadee cousin?
A place for first hunts and new outdoor pastimes
The youth hunt and first hunt programs at Sandhill give new hunters an early start on outdoor skills and pleasures.
Nearer the earth
A hunting family far from home recalls the deer traditions and hunts that root them to Wisconsin
Feeding an idea and a community
The urban gardening movement grows local food, local jobs and local opportunity to revitaize neighborhoods.
A herd in the balance
Biologists and partners hope to tip the scale to give elk an edge against predators, cars and other hazards.
Sterling North, Wisconsin storyteller
Visit the home and meet the man who captured gentler times in the beloved book Rascal.
Creature Comforts
Films with fur. Creature Comforts checks out talks, top ten film picks and health care for companion animals.
Wisconsin Traveler
Look up, down and around. Traveler is scouring the heavens, tracking in snow, mushing at a festival and hopping around in search of good times.
Readers Write
Your letters and an interesting deer study.
Wisconsin, naturally
Pleasant Valley Conservancy State Natural Area.
Special Inserts:
The State of Wisconsin's Environment: Confirming Environmental Success [PDF 1.2MB]
Recount environmental acheivements in the last two years.
Environmental Successes Happen Year-Round [PDF 2.0KB]
Enjoy a wall calendar to see what we've done and track what you want to do.

Cover of October 2010 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2010

When duck constitution matters
How two plucky wood ducks survived the night.
Digging up dirt about badgers
Delving into the natural life of our state symbol.
Recovery and redemption
Lake trout deserve and receive help in Wisconsin waters of Lake Superior.
Hatchery renovation is coming up roses
Plase II of hatchery improvements at Wild Rose provides a high tech start for coolwater fish like northerns and sturgeon.
A look at The Ledge
Celebrate the ridge forming the rocky backbone of the landscape from eastern Wisconsin arching east to Niagara Falls.
Creature Comforts
On the fly. Tips for when your four-legged friends take to the air
Wisconsin Traveler
Set your sights for fall. Traveler takes in the view from on high, the cranes gliding low, some tasteful art and a bit of backwoods laughter.
Readers Write
Your letters and updated results from a deer study.
Wisconsin, naturally
Page Creek Marsh State Natural Area.

Cover of August 2010 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2010

Time in a cloud
What we see more clearly on a foggy morning.
Less P is key
Protecting health and improving water quality will take tighter controls on phosphorus runoff from fields, streets and wastewater treatment plants.
Big dividends from our Stewardship investments
Take a look at public lands that will be purchased and improved as the Stewardship Fund enters its third decade.
New kingdoms for little birds in golden robes
Put up houses so more prothonotary warblers will breed in Wisconsin's forest lowlands.
What may grow well in tomorrow's gardens?
What flowering plants may thrive as our climate warms up?
Wild whodunits
Explore these stories about wardens, rangers, biologists and birders who unravel mysteries in wild surroundings.
Creature Comforts
Kids bugging you? Start an insect collection to feed a curiosity about nature.
Wisconsin Traveler
Let's play shoots and batters. Wisconsin Traveler heads to ball games and field events.
Wisconsin, naturally
Kingston Pines State Natural Area.
Special Inserts:
Going to bat...for bats [PDF 4.5MB]
White-nose syndrome hits hibernators.
Wisconsin's Mentored Hunting Program [PDF 338KB]
Q & A about taking part in mentored hunts.

Cover of June 2010 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2010

A tiny terror in a sandy pit
Be thankful you are much bigger than an antlion.
Sustaining a fishery or fighting natural change?
Where walleye once ruled, bass populations are coming on strong in some northwestern waters. What's causing the change and should we intercede?
Casting for common ground
Students and fly-fishers find good times and good reasons to meet streamside.
Several paths to build up mussels
Many routes can increase our knowledge and the range of freshwater mussels.
Bluebirds on the rebound
The bird of happiness has many supporters and has made a remarkable recovery.
A big vision for a broad landscape
Fifteen-thousand acres between Wisconsin Dells and Portage are collectively managed to enhance a rich, natural life for the birds, mammals and people who live there.
Creature Comforts
Keep the "wild" in wildlife. Creature Comforts busts myths and gives tips on viewing wildlife in spring.
Wisconsin Traveler
Music to our ears. Traveler tunes into a season of lively summertime fun.
Readers Write
Your letters to the editor.
Wisconsin, naturally
Blueberry Trail State Natural Area.
Special Insert:
Celebrate 40 years of cleaner air [PDF 6.2MB]
Put a fresh spin on 40 years of easier breathing. Give it whirl!

Cover of April 2010 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2010

Yellow root of the woodlands
Goldenseal is less well known than ginseng, but also prized as a natural curative.
Getting from lost to found
The right gear, the right attitude and skills and you can practice will help you stay safe and get "unlost."
A delicate balance where land meets water
Revised guidelines for building and renovating shoreline property aim to keep soil and runoff on land and the waters clear.
Round up swans, track a bat, make a difference
Sign up for great day trips held spring through fall.
Use local firewood
Don't spread forest pests and diseases – use firewood near where it is cut.
Fitful science
The joys of scientific exploration.
A strategic plan to manage invasives
Curbing invasives is a huge job that takes a plan and lots of partners.
Creature Comforts
Fat cats and pudgy pooches. Creature Comforts offers personal training advice for the four-legged set.
Wisconsin Traveler
Make Mom's day. Travel ideas to keep spring in your relationship.
Readers Write
Your letters to the editor.
Wisconsin, naturally
Interstate Lowland Forest State Natural Area.
Special Insert:
Wisconsin Fishing Report 2010
Hot spots for fishing and great projects that make angling more fun.

Cover of February 2010 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2010

Winter heat in the hood
Skunk cabbage gets an early start by warming up its home turf.
Preparing to adapt
Researchers and resource managers suggest adjustments we'll make as climate slowly changes.
Recycling roundtable
We take a look back and ahead celebrating 20 years of recycling in Wisconsin.
Keeping roads on a low-salt diet
Cautious drivers, new de-icers and careful applications give winter crews options to keep roads clearer and safer using less salt.
Regional reads
Check out new books to enjoy both your days outdoors and the colorful lives of those who do.
A sweet treat in the season of melting snow
Syrup season offers a day outdoors to cook up science and culture and tap into a sweet lesson.
Creature Comforts
Road ready. Make traveling comfortable for your pet.
Wisconsin Traveler
When the spirit moves you. Traveler takes in eagle flights, evening hikes and pigs out on the ice.
Readers Write
Your letters to the editor.
Wisconsin, naturally
Lower Tomahawk River Pines State Natural Area.
Special Inserts:
For Our License Customers [PDF 1MB]
News for Conservation Patron license holders, potential patrons and others who are interested in purchasing a fishing and/or hunting license.
Thanks for Your Continued Support! [PDF 3MB]
Your investment in Wisconsin's Fish and Wildlife 2008-2009.
Who knew three arrows would change the direction of society? [PDF 757KB]
Recycling poster