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December 2010

A herd in the balance

Biologists and partners hope to tip the scale to give elk an edge against predators, cars and other hazards.

by Kathryn A. Kahler

Life for Wisconsin's elk project staff is a mix of hope and harsh realities. Their hopes are measured by healthy cows with a high probability of bearing strong, feisty calves...Read full article

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© Nick SaundersChick-a dee-dee-dee!
Who knew the spirited black-capped had a quieter chickadee cousin?

© Robert QueenA place for first hunts and new outdoor pastimes
The youth hunt and first hunt programs at Sandhill give new hunters an early start on outdoor skills and pleasures.

© David SchneiderNearer the earth
A hunting family far from home recalls the deer traditions and hunts that root them to Wisconsin.

© Natasha KassulkeFeeding an idea and a community
The urban agriculture movement grows local food, local jobs and local opportunity to revitalize neighborhoods.

Rascal book coverSterling North, Wisconsin storyteller
Visit the home and meet the man who captured gentler times in the beloved book Rascal.

Special Inserts:

cover icon The State of Wisconsin's Environment: Confirming Environmental Success [PDF 1.2MB]
Recount environmental achievements in the last two years.

cover icon Wisconsin's Environmental Successes Happen Year-Round [PDF 2.0MB]
Enjoy a wall calendar to see what we've done and track what you want to do.

Special Feature:

Sean Grere's tree service fells trees in spring 2010 kicking off the start of building an urban garden and school on Madison's South Side. The trees will be reused on site as mulch, benches and more. Read full article.