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October 2010

The dirt on badgers

Delving into the natural life of our state symbol.

by Kathryn A. Kahler

Perhaps the popular UW fight song would be more accurate if the words read, "If you want to see a badger, just come along with me...Read full article

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© Al CornellWhen duck constitution matters
How two plucky wood ducks survived the night.

© DNR Lake Superior Fisheries TeamRecovery and redemption
Lake trout deserve and receive help in Wisconsin waters of Lake Superior.

© Michael KienitzHatchery renovation is coming up roses
Phase II of hatchery improvements at Wild Rose provides a high tech start for coolwater fish like northerns and sturgeon.

© Eric FowleA look at The Ledge
Celebrate the ridge forming the rocky backbone of the landscape from eastern Wisconsin arching east to Niagara Falls.