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Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Photo of natural area © Thomas A. Meyer

The stained waters of Beaver Creek meander through Blueberry Trail State Natural Area in Juneau County.
© Thomas A. Meyer

June 2010

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Blueberry Trail State Natural Area

Notable: Blueberry Trail features a relatively undisturbed floodplain forest along a meandering, free-flowing stretch of Beaver Creek. The steeply-banked stream is deeply entrenched in sand and carries a heavy load of acidic tannins, which stain the water a rich, tea-like brown. Dominant trees are river birch, oak, pine and red maple. In places, the forest grades into sedge meadow, tamarack swamp and white pine-red maple swamp; a community type restricted to the central sand plains region. Common understory plant species include huckleberry, cinnamon fern and bluebead lily. Among the resident birds are Louisiana waterthrush, whip-poor-will, golden-winged warbler and scarlet tanager.

How to get there: Within the Meadow Valley Wildlife Area. From the intersection of Highways H and 173 in Mather (Juneau County), go south on 173 for 1.8 miles, then southeast on Crescent Road 4.4 miles, then east on Drake Avenue/Mulloney Road 1.2 miles. The natural area lies on both sides of the road. See Blueberry Trail for more information.