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Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

2009 Contents

Cover of December 2009 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

December 2009

The season's tiny tot
Eastern dwarf mistletoe is a tiny plant whose seeds pack a wallop.
Nature's architects and engineers
Builders could learn a lot by watching insects, birds and mammals.
When you can't see missing trees from the forest
Timber theft takes many forms. Cut your chances of being taken.
Following a fox track
Figuring out the tale of the trail.
A cold world with an icy ceiling
How fish adapt to life under the ice.
Road map to the right place at the right time
Plan some trips to see nature and communities at their festive best.
Creature Comforts
Snowtime safety – Keep pets safe, healthy and warm in winter.
Wisconsin Traveler
Winter wanders – Traveler heads out for tubing, skating and sledding.
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Wisconsin, naturally
Patterson Hemlocks State Natural Area

Cover of October 2009 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

October 2009

Keeping salmon on the run
How hatchery work keeps spawning salmon populations in the pink.
Sizing up the herd
Tracking the deer herd takes a mix of surveys, statistics and reports from more than 600,000 hunters.
Take a stand for safety
Treestands can give you a leg up when hunting, but play it safe.
Workhorse wetlands
This program shines a light on the values of protecting our Wetland Gems.
Who were they and why did they leave?
Explore the prehistoric culture that left an ancient society a mystery at Aztalan.
Creature Comforts
Seasonal Changes – Shape up your pets and your yard for the fall weather to come.
Wisconsin Traveler
Of Fall Flights, Sights and Frights – Traveler catches fall colors on the wing, rolling the rails and crawling around.
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Wisconsin, naturally
Yellow River Ice-walled Lake Plain State Natural Area

Cover of August 2009 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

August 2009

Bright, sporty and gone in a flash
Summer tanagers are colorful vagrants that occasionally drift in for a warm weather visit.
No fair!
A tale of straight shooting, lost love and lessons learned at the county fair.
A little night music
Coonhounds herald the night with a moonlight bay.
Containing the threat
It takes a different mindset and a mix of approaches to ground invasive species like flying fish.
Romp on the river
Summer on the Mississippi is all about floating, exploring and wading in to a good time.
Meat eaters with roots and leaves
These plants put the bite on bugs to thrive in a bog.
Creature Comforts
A Blue-Green Warning – Creature Comforts keeps an eye out for dangerous algae.
Wisconsin Traveler
Educate yourself! Traveler finds a lot to see and do at outdoor centers.
Wisconsin, naturally
Huiras Lake State Natural Area
Special Inserts:
See Wisconsin through the Eyes of 19th Century Surveyors [PDF 1.9MB]
Wisconsin's Land Cover in the 1800s [PDF 731KB]
A narrative and poster combine the views and tools of satellites and 19th centry surveyors to map a picture of the changing landscape.

Cover of June 2009 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

June 2009

Hunting a woodland curative
Whether wild or grown, ginseng is a valued commodity in Wisconsin.
What's the buzz about bees?
Encouraging a mix of native bees will help cut the sting of honey bee declines.
One hundred years of memories
Peninsula State Park turns 100. Share some good times at the park and party on!
Bear in mind
As bears extend their range, learn what to do if you see them on the trail or near your home.
It works for me!
Your tips for homemade gear that make outdoor trips more enjoyable.
Peaceful passage
For 20 years, the Lower Wisconsin Riverway has safeguarded 92 miles of waterway, shorelands and quiet exploration.
Creature Comforts
Where Fliers Tune in for a Landing –Creature Comforts gives tips on flowers that will draw butterflies to your garden.
Wisconsin Traveler
On Track and On a Roll – Tag along with Wisconsin Traveler on these hikes, floats and rides.
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Wisconsin, naturally
Cathedral Pines State Natural Area
Special Insert:
Safe Boating Depends on YOU!
Join Wisconsin DNR Conservation Warden Tyler Strelow and test your on-water skills and judgement.

Cover of April 2009 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

April 2009

Construction season
Meet the eastern phoebe that builds a life on the ledge.
When conflagration sparks innovation
At DNR's LeMay Center, engineers, mechanics and foresters build hot ideas to douse wildfires better and safer.
Explore close to home
Weekend day trips offer hikes, paddles and tours to see nature at its finest from spring through fall.
Seventy-five years of conservation through democracy
For 75 years, Conservation Congress has set its sights and cast its lot toward better days outdoors.
A warble from the barrens
Kirtland's warblers are slowly gaining a toehold in scrubby jack pine country.
Creature Comforts
Plant a Pet Friendly Garden – You and your pet can both enjoy digging in the soil as Creature Comforts suggests plants that are pet-healthy treats and plants to avoid along the paths your pets travel in your yard.
Wisconsin Traveler
Name that Tree – Traveler heads to where the woods have labels. Visit these arboretums as the branches bud up, leaf out and start the race to green up.
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Wisconsin, naturally
Chiwaukee Prairie State Natural Area
Special Insert:
2009 Wisconsin Fishing Report [PDF 3.1MB]
An annual update of fishing improvements and the season forecast.

Cover of February 2009 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

February 2009

A canary of Northwoods change
We're studying if spruce grouse may show subtle changes in woodland wildlife.
Raising ringnecks and outdoor opportunities
Take a look at pheasant rearing, stocking and habitat improvements
Burned while getting dinner
Raptors hunting down a meal at landfills risk a hot, painful surprise.
The great de-bait
Deer feeding and baiting complicate herd management and drive wedges between hunters, state agriculture and the nonhunting public.
A strong base for broad recovery
Check out progress in restoring sturgeon to their original waters.
Thumbs up to ten good reads
Good books for those times when reading about the outdoors is a better bet than being there.
Creature Comforts
Give Me Shelter – Creature Comforts takes out the hammers and saws to pound out some backyard protection for wildlife.
Wisconsin Traveler
Indoors and Outdoors – Traveler gets the point at an indoor archery meet, an outdoor porcupine workshop, a dog show, sheep fleecing and a massive weenie roast on ice!
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Wisconsin, naturally
Brady's Bluff Prairie State Natural Area
Special Inserts:
For Our Patrons [PDF 1.5MB]
News for Conservation Patron license holders and potential patrons.
Thanks for Your Continued Support! [PDF 418KB]
Your investment in Wisconsin's Fish and Wildlife 2007-2008.