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Visit the Streamside Rearing Facility at Riveredge Nature Center to see how lake sturgeon are raised for stocking in the Milwaukee River. © Kate Redmond

Visit the Streamside Rearing Facility at Riveredge Nature Center to see how lake sturgeon are raised for stocking in the Milwaukee River.
© Kate Redmond

April 2009

Explore close to home

Christine Tanzer

In Wisconsin, home isnít just where the heart is, itís also a place to find adventure. From Great Lakes to river bluffs, Wisconsin is a wild wonderland full of natural treasures. Join us as we explore these riches guided by expert naturalists and DNR professionals on field trips sponsored by the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin. Trips run April through October and include an exciting mix of outdoor experiences close to home no matter where you live in the state.

These day trips offer an up-close look and a hands-on experience with Wisconsinís wildlife, waters and landscapes. You can explore hidden wilderness areas and work side-by-side in the field with the scientists who study and protect these treasures. Discover something new about your home state or rediscover a favorite place. If youíre curious about nature, we can offer field experiences that youíll remember for years to come.

Find the complete roster of field trips at Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, where you can check availability and register for trips in a secure environment. Online registration is faster, gives you up-to-the-minute information if space is still available, and provides instant confirmation of your registration. If you prefer to send in a check, there is also a mail-in registration form you can print from their website. Register promptly, as space is limited and trips fill quickly on a first-come, first-served basis.

An annual field trip registration fee of $37 allows individuals and families to register for multiple trips. The fee also includes an introductory membership to the nonprofit Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin that for more than 20 years has worked with citizens, businesses, nonprofits and government to promote, protect and enjoy Wisconsinís public lands, waters and wildlife.

Note that some trips carry additional per person costs. These fees help offset special trip transportation costs, boat rentals, or are fundraisers to support conservation work related to the trip. Also note the abbreviation SNA used throughout the listings indicates trips to State Natural Areas.

Unless noted in the description, all trips fall on Saturdays. Registration for some trips is limited where natural areas canít handle much foot traffic, transportation can only handle small groups or wildlife might get spooked by larger groups. Trips that can accommodate fewer than 20 people are listed with the space limits. Canoe and kayak trips are especially popular, so please only request one such trip per family or group.

Registrants will receive additional details and driving directions approximately two weeks before each field trip.

If you donít have home computer access, and would like to receive a field trip registration booklet by mail, please e-mail the address below or call toll-free (866) 264-4096 for a registration form.

Further questions? Visit Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, call me on Wednesdays at (608) 264-8548 or email Christine Tanzer.

Christine Tanzer is the Field Trip Coordinator for the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin.