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Hi Derek-


I apologize for the delay in getting back to you re: your observation of a zebra mussel out on the upper Menominee River.  I appreciate you passing this information onto me.  I will have my co-worker Becca create a new ‘observed’ record (ROI) in our SWIMS database with the lat/long info you provided. (Becca – lat/long info is in original email below).


From what I can determine from my sleuthing, zebra mussels have been previously verified in the Sturgeon Falls Flowage (which straddles the WI/MI boarder), which is located upstream of the lat/long coordinates which you provided.   In addition, in August 2014 one of our DNR staff members observed a small colony of adult ZM adults at a site located a little ways downstream of your observation (approx. 45.6768; -87.78094).  So based upon ZM populations reported both upstream and downstream, it seems very likely that they are present and established at the location you observed.  In the future, if you are able to snap a quick photo of whatever AIS you observe, that’ll be helpful in officially verifying a population at that site.  We appreciate your observant eyes as well as you reaching out to me to report your finding.


Have a great weekend!



P.S. Maureen/Becca – we should also probably create a ZM ROI for the Sturgeon Falls Flowage, Marinette Co. (WBIC: 646900) population (apparently verified by someone in MI?), as this waterbody crosses state lines, and we don’t have any records associated with it for the WI side.  Maureen – if you have more details on the verification of this population, please send to Becca so she can create a ROI and attach records to it (I know you used to do work up this way and maybe have the original verification info you can direct her to – the embedded map in this email came from a joint presentation you gave w/ Dean from White Water Assoc.).  Thanks!





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From: Apps, Derek B - DNR
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2017 8:27 AM
To: Nault, Michelle E - DNR
Subject: Zebra Mussel


Hello Michelle,

I was currently working on the upper Menominee River shocking Sturgeon with Michael Donofrio and I was looking at aquatic macroinvertebrates when I turned over a rock and found what I believe to be a single zebra mussel.  We Launched right below the hydro dam on power dam rd. off of 557 on the Michigan side of the river.  Like I said I only saw one and I probably should of said something to the group but it didn’t cross my mind until I got back to the office last night.  Let me know if I can help in any other way I will also leave the coordinates at the bottom they were taken off of google maps. 


45.740938, -87.863100


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