UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-STEVENS POINT: Effects of 2,4-D Treatments to Control EWM on Fish & Zooplankton in Northern WI Lakes


The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is sponsoring an AIRD grant to study 6 lakes in northern WI. The project will focus on determining effects of EWM herbicide treatments on fish and zooplankton. Project activities include: 1) Sample larval and adult fish; 2) Point-intercept (PI) aquatic plant surveys; 3) Conduct DO/Temp profiles and secchi disc readings; 4) Deploy temperature loggers; 5) Conduct larval fish diet analysis; 6) Collect sagittal otoliths; 7) Sample zooplankton; 8) Collect herbicide concentration samples; 9) Sample invertebrates; 10) Hire a graduate student and an undergraduate student; 11) Data analysis; 12) Public education and outreach \2013 presentations at WI Lakes Convention, NALMS and other appropriate requested conferences. Project results will be published in an appropriate scientific journal; 13) Annual summaries and a final report. Project deliverables include: 1) Hired students; 2) Public education and outreach activities; 3) Annual summaries and final report. Specific conditions for this project: Annual summaries and final report need Dept review and approval. WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) copy of annual summaries, final report, all education and outreach materials, and all data and maps from project.

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