RIVER ALLIANCE OF WISCONSIN: Part 2B Diagnostic & Feasibility Study for Bakken Pond & Long Lake


The River Alliance of Wisconsin proposes to conduct a more detailed assessment of groundwater contaminants to Long Lake and Bakkens Pond, sloughs of the Wisconsin River in Sauk County. This assessment will complete a diagnostic and feasibility study for these waters, and will be used to evaluate optimum buffer locations and sizes, and possibly other management actions, to reduce nutrient loading to these sensitive waters. Groundwater monitoring wells will be installed and monitored, lake water quality sampling will be performed, and metaphyton cover will be estimated, along with other hydrological information. Fish populations will also be surveyed to assess status of rare, sensitive species. This project will conclude with a final floodplain lakes management and restoration plan. Citizen group meetings will be held in conjunction with Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway, Lower Wisc. State Riverway Board, and Town meetings. The final report will also be shared with local news outlets.

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