Saint Louis River TMDL


St. Louis River system exceeds water quality criteria, including wildlife and human threshold and human cancer. Fish tissue confirms fish consumption advisories for the river.


The TMDL is a joint project with Minnesota to identify, remediate and restore the waterbodies.

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St. Louis River TMDL
Reports and Documents
CAC support grant proposal 2013
Final report. “In 2011 this study collected and analyzed selected water quality data within the AOC as well as other sites in the nearshore area in the Wisconsin portion of Lake Superior. The results are compared between the AOC and non-AOC sites as well as data collected in 2010 as similar sites.”
This Remedial Action Plan (RAP) Update is an interim document that has been produced by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), with input from Area of Concern (AOC) partners, to assist in providing direction in the short-term for overall statewide AOC coordination in Wisconsin.
Appendices to final report for Scientific Investigation Report on Chemicals of Emerging Concern by USGS 2010
Revision 1 - Approved version
Assessment and recommendations for LS01.
EPA required Great Lakes states with designated Areas of Concern to submit delisting or planning goals for addressing impairments that had been identified through Remedial Action Plans. The St. Louis River Area of Concern is shared between the states of MN and WI, and the states worked together and with stakeholders to collaboratively develop these planning goals. These goals were submitted on time to EPA. Further work is currently being done to address the impairments in order to delist the Area of Concern.
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Saint Louis River TMDL