FRIENDS OF THE MUKWONAGO RIVER, INC.: Corbicula Fluminea Monitor


The project will take place on the Mukwonago River Watershed in southwestern Waukesha County, north central Walworth County and a small segment of Jefferson County. The grant will partially fund the FoMR Watershed Coordinator who will work with Conservancy staff, volunteers and 2 universities. The monitoring program will include recruiting existing and new/additional citizen monitors, training monitors in Corbicula monitoring and data collection protocols, submitting monitoring data through the SWIMS database, providing the DNR with a professional level reporting and mapping of monitoring sites and in year 2 having monitors destroy clams and zebra mussels found during monitoring. Monitoring will be expanded to include additional aquatic invasive species in the second year of the grant. Community education efforts include compiling invasive species education resources, implementing education events, implementing outreach through print/electronic media, installing AIS signs at boat ramps and river access points and providing support to the CBCW program. Finally, the project will include a Corbicula removal demonstration project which will involve contracting with Carroll University and UW-Whitewater to lead development of project deliverables. The project deliverables will include professional level reporting of monitoring data and mapping of monitoring locations throughout the watershed.

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