Lower Fox tributary volunteer monitoring


To set up and run for one year a long-term volunteer monitoring program to collect data needed for Lower Fox River Basin TMDL implementation and assessment


Deliverables: Quality Assurance Project Plan; Report summarizing the results of the collected water quality data, observed trends, and including a location map of sites; All raw monitoring data will be entered into the WDNR Surface Water Integrated Monitoring System (SWIMS) database and will be available to all interested parties through that system; Signs will be developed and placed at monitoring stations where landowner permission is able to be obtained.

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Toxics and Areas of Concern
Reports and Documents
Quarterly report and final report for UW-Fox Valley's volunteer monitoring in the Lower Green Bay Fox River.
UW - Fox Valley 2017 Q3 report for Lower Fox Trib Mont project
UW-Fox Valley's Scope of Work for the 2017 Lower Fox River Tributary Volunteer Monitoring.
DNR approval of Project Plan included - awaiting concurrence from EPA grant Manager
Preliminary map of sampling locations for project to be refined with project plan