Identification and quantification of sanitary sewage contamination in the Milwaukee Estuary AOC ("Bacteria Source Tracking")


This project is a component of the “Bacteria Source Tracking” project, which is being completed through UWM. The overall project aims will identify unrecognized sanitary sewage contamination, determine the contribution of these sources to pathogen and fecal indicator loads in the Milwaukee Estuary, map sections of two urban watersheds (the lower Menomonee and Kinnickinnic River watersheds) to identify the prevalence of sewage entry into stormwater systems (e.g., local outfall scale), and measure overall contributions of sewage to impaired water quality in urban rivers following storm events (e.g., watershed scale). The USGS role will be to support UWM with the implementation and operation of equipment field effort, provide support with hydrologic analysis, and participate in manuscript preparations.


Objective 1. Map and sample stormwater outfalls along the lower Menomonee and Kinnickinnic and perform up the pipe investigations to identify illicit discharges. The USGS role on this objective would be to support the instrumentation at the outlet monitoring stations for each of the watersheds, and provide data analysis to put results in a hydrologic context. Objective 2. Quantify amount of sewage contamination loads at two locations in the Menomonee and Kinnickinnic Rivers and at the estuary. The USGS role on this objective is to provide technical assistance to field personnel from UWM for the sampling operation to deploy automatic samplers, electronic control systems, and telemetry at the outlet monitoring sites, and to provide flow information and hydrologic data interpretation. Objective 3. Fill data gaps and interface with TMDL efforts to prioritize implementation strategies. The USGS will assist UWM in computation of indicator bacteria loadings at outlet monitoring stations to provide the loading being exported from the three watersheds.


2014 Deliverables: •Complete quarterly reports (see timetable for specific due dates) •Participate in project team meetings Planned 2015 Deliverables: •Complete quarterly reports •The USGS will support UW M data analysis and provide hydrologic context for reporting

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