Clough Island Macroinvertebrate Sampling 2013


Inventory of the biological communities of the island and surrounding aquatic environment is considered important to restoration work and future management decisions for the Island.


Collect and analyze macroinvertebrate samples from diverse aquatic habitats surrounding Clough Island during 2013 and assess the benthic community.

Study Design

Six locations will be chosen in conjunction with the WDNR project staff. Four replicate petite ponar or core samples will be taken at each chosen location. Samples will be handled according to established Standard Operating Procedures and identified to the lowest taxonomic level feasible.

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Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
Toxics and Areas of Concern
Reports and Documents
Sample point description and location information for the 2013 Clough Island macroinvertebrate cores.
Scope of Work
Activities & Recommendations
Monitoring Ecosystem
Macroinvertebrate sampling to monitor biological communities surrounding Clough Island.