Clough Island Protection and Restoration Grant


Clough Island and two adjacent small, unnamed, islands were acquired by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in 2010. Ownership and management responsibility were transferred to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) in 2011. In addition to funding the land acquisition, the National Coastal Wetlands Conservation (NCWC) grant also includes funds for restoration activities on the Island. The objective of this project is to perform ecological inventories and restoration actions at the Clough Island Property and adjacent aquatic habitats.


1.To restore the degraded forest community by conducting conifer reforestation on 10% (30-acres) of island to reestablish some of the community type dominate pre-settlement. 2.To increase and enhance forested shoreline buffer along top of bluff to slow the flow of runoff, improve bluff stability and decrease sedimentation to islands adjacent wetlands and fish habitat. 3.Establish baseline inventory of the islands terrestrial and aquatic communities. 4.Inform public of allowable uses and educational information related to the island.

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Reports and Documents
This is the final progress report to the funders and summarizes work completed under the grant.
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